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Fudge Boy (also known in the real world as James Heather) has contributed to the community with the following programs:

Personal Life

Fudge Boy has done PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London, on the automatic verification of security protocols. He is a Christian, a regular leader on the Milton Abbey 2 CYFA camp, a firm follower of Southampton FC, and a devoted reader of John Morgan's "Modern Manners" column in The Times on Saturdays (once having even had a letter published in the aforesaid column). He is a nerdy computer geek, having been exposed in his early years to the delights of first a VIC-20 and second an Amstrad CPC6128, the latter being so technologically advanced as to sport a 3" floppy disc drive (yes, three, not three and a half...yes, disc with a "c" and not a "k"...) through which he acquired his dubious talent of getting computers to do anything except what they were designed for.[1]

Why "Fudge Boy"?

And now, by popular demand, the answer to the world's biggest question: why "Fudge Boy"? The explanation is a surprisingly simple one. Of all the author's (many) uncelebrated talents, the biggest (and perhaps least celebrated) is his unquestioned ability to make a decent bit of fudge. His recipes make one's mouth water at the merest mention. His soft, creamy one has moved many a man to tears. Fudge Boy will readily admit that it was as a result of his jealous nature that this formerly undiscovered skill came to light. One day, as he sat there in Sixth Form college awaiting the start of his lesson, three girls burst in: "We stayed up until a quarter to eleven making fudge! Would you like some?" Fudge Boy was determined to prove that he was more than a match for the Fudge Brigade (as they became known). After all, one of them sounded like a horse and another one looked like a horse. So the author, Andrew, Tim and Michael got together one evening and fudged the night away. In fact, they stayed up even beyond a quarter to eleven on several occasions, making fudge (both chocolate and vanilla) fit for a king. Since that time, the author has been known - with some justification - as Fudge Boy.[1]


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