Low Gravity

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IconLowGravity.svg Low Gravity
Type: Utility
Keyboard selection: Util. (x2)
Standard effects: Reduces the gravity
Present in: Worms 2, W:A, WWP

When activated, Low Gravity halves the amount of gravity for the remainder of the turn. This allows worms to jump higher and weapons to go farther, as well as causing knocked worms or objects that are falling to travel further. It can be enabled or disabled (if used again in the same turn, spending 1 more ammo) in mid-air if the worm does not loose the control.

Tips and tactics

  • Effectively doubles the height of a jump, allowing you to jump or backflip to terrain that might otherwise be unreachable.
  • Reduces the speed of descent during a fall, and extends the safe falling distance before a worm enters freefall.
  • Can be used to double the travelling distance of a Worm hit by a Baseball Bat, Fire Punch or Dragon Ball.
  • If infinite or at least with more than one ammo, it can be turned on and off in the same turn, being useful to do unique jumps (enabling or disabling it in mid air, combining the 2 gravities in one jump) which can reach unreachable places compared when using only one of the gravities per jump, or at least save time without hitting the terrain during the jump.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Reduces some maneuverability for smaller, nearby jumps that would otherwise be achievable without Low Gravity active.

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