Napalm Strike

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Napalmstrikeicon.png Napalm Strike
Type: Air Strike
Keyboard selection: [W2] F6 (x3)
[WA][WWP] F6 (x2)
Standard effects: Victim(s) gets burned by fire
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Number of
injury (explosion)
Flamelets per missile
11 2 7 hp 31
6 2 12 49
12 3 10 43
7 3 13 55
1 4 12 49
2 4 13 55
3 5 15 61
4 5 16 67
5 6 18 73
9 7 16 67
14 6 22 91
10 10 18 73
15 7 30 121
The "maximum injury" is only from the initial missiles' explosions. They are the same as of Air Strike, but divided by 2 and rounded down. Values are per missile. Sorted by total damage from all the missiles.

The Napalm Strike is very similar to the Air Strike, except that the missles explode into fire that rains down onto the worms below.

Tips and tactics

  • Since worms can "Slide" on fire, this is a very useful weapon for making enemies slide down a slope into the water.
  • Sometimes useful for blowing up Oil Drums to deal extra damage to the enemy, in addition to the fire released from the Napalm strike.
  • As this weapon uses the mouse cursor, it can be used to point something on the map to other players.
  • Under normal circunstances, Napalm will clear all the remaining flames from Petrol Bomb. This phenomenon can be avoided in v3.8 by increasing the "Maximum Flamelet Count" which the default number is 200.
Napalm clearing Petrol Bomb's flamelets

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Fire is very wind sensitive, so be careful where you place the target.
  • The fire covers a wide area, and it can be hard not to damage your own worms.

Tricks and glitches


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