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Homissileicon.png Homing Missile
Type: Projectile/Homing
Keyboard selection: F1 (x2)
Standard effects: 50hp injury (max.), Small circular crater
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 25 hp 47 px
12 35 73
1 40 85
2 45 85
3 50 97
4 55 111
5 60 123
19 65 123
14 75 147
15 100 199

The Homing Missile is a projectile weapon that is launched like a Bazooka, and homes in on a target selected using the cursor prior to launch. The Homing Missile locks onto the target shortly after it is launched. The attraction is not particularly strong; the Homing Missile will often enter a large arcing path as it approaches the target, and if it does not collide with something, it will begin orbiting the target in an ellipse. The target marker eventually disappears and the attraction ends, leaving the Homing Missile to ordinary projectile motion.

Tips and tactics

Homing Missile through Girder hole
  • A common tactic, particularly in the first-generation games, is to choose a target that is out in the open with no overheard obstructions, then aim the weapon directly upwards and fire at full power. This is less successful in second-generation games, but can still be effective.
  • The Homing Missile does not sink; it can be fired underwater. If it goes too deep, however, it will disappear.
  • With experience, it is fairly easy to judge how the arcing motion of the Homing Missile on any particular shot will affect its accuracy, allowing the player to compensate by placing the target marker a short distance away from the intended target.
  • Can be fired from Ninja Rope, Jet Pack, Parachute and Bungee.
  • As this weapon uses the mouse cursor, it can be used to point something on the map to other players.


  • In Worms and WormsDC on the Amiga, the Homing Missile is aquatic - if your target is near the water and the missile winds up flying into the drink, it will fly out again so long as its speed doesn't propel it off the bottom screen boundary first.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Judging the path of the Homing Missile is initially very difficult.
  • The missile doesn't lock in immediately, so using from tight spots can be difficult.


  • The Homing Missile locks onto the target 0.5 seconds after launch.
  • The target marker and the attraction disappears 4 seconds after launch.
  • The Homing Missile explodes 10 seconds after launch.
  • When fired straight up with maximum power, the lock on happens 546 pixels above ground level.

Tricks and glitches

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