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Uziicon.png Uzi
Type: Line of sight firearm
Keyboard selection: F3 (x3)
[WDC] F3 (x2)
Standard effects:
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 3 hp 11 px
12 5 11
1 4 11
2 4 11
3 5 11
4 5 11
5 6 11
19 6 11
14 7 23
15 10 23
Values are per bullet.

When used, the Uzi fires 10 bullets in quick succession, 1 bullet every 6 frames. It is effectively a faster firing Handgun that fires more bullets.


  • When a worm gets hit by multiple bullets, a lot of force is applied to the worm in the direction you shoot. This is very useful for shooting down worms from a bridge or the terrain.
  • Can in some cases be useful for shooting mines so they bounce onto an enemy worm. Similarly, worms can be pushed into mines and they will push the mine with them, as the worm slides along the ground.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • The bullets are quite innacurate, and so it's only useful at close range.

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