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Handgunicon.png Handgun
Type: Firearm
Keyboard selection: F3 (x2)
[WDC] F3 (x3)
Standard effects: Up to 5hp injury to victim per hit
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 3 hp 11 px
12 5 11
1 4 11
2 4 11
3 5 11
4 5 11
5 6 11
19 6 11
14 7 23
15 10 23
Values are per bullet.

The Handgun, when used, fires six rounds in slow succession. The bullets are not perfectly accurate, and spread out slightly, although you can move the aim whilst firing to compensate for any innacuracies. It has very low power, and as such it's often used as a "humiliation weapon" like the Prod.


  • Each shot leaves a very small hole in the landscape when it hits it, and so you can use the Handgun to create a thin tunnel in the land that you can shoot through but your oppoinents can't. Unfortunately, this hole is also too small to fire other weapons through unless you use more shots to make it bigger.
  • A great use for the handgun is in the Team17 scheme. You can use 5 of the 6 shots to push a worm closer to a barrel and use the remaining shot to detonate the barrel. A similar tactic can be used to accuratly push a worm on to a mine.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Each shot does minimal damage, and pushes very slightly, although a worm can be pushed a fair distance if all 6 shots hit, as the speed the worm is moving at increases each time he is hit. However, it is much more effective to use the Uzi if you are trying to push a worm along the ground.


  • The Handgun, Grenade Launcher, Baseball Bat and Nuke are the only four "real world" weapons to be introduced in WormsDC.
  • The second-generation Handgun makes a very dull "pop" noise upon firing, while the WormsDC version makes a very satisfying gunfire sound.

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