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The Ultimate Site
The Ultimate Site screenshot
Creator: MonkeyIsland
Creation date: 13 October, 2008
Moderators: Rok, franz, Chicken23, DarkOne, barman, TheKomodo, Senator

The Ultimate Site (abbreviated TUS in worms terminology) is a website dedicated for the Worms Armageddon community. It is a constantly growing site, according to the suggestions of the community. It was originally founded by Darkmaul with the site called The Ultimate Tourney in December 2007. The site was then redeveloped by MonkeyIsland which was then opened in October 2008.


The Ultimate Tourney

The site originally took shape in December 2007, when Darkmaul set The Ultimate Tourney up, using the resources on Forumotion, with a calendar, portal and forum. The site then began to expand rapidly, to around 250 registered members in June 2008.

The Ultimate Tourney hosted regular tournaments which were announced via the calendar and portal. All tourney winners recieved season points which contribute to the 'Season Winner' at the end of each month.

Cups were also held within the site, where players are assigned into groups, and play each other, before a final 8 or 16 knockout, until there is a winner.

The site was maintained by Darkmaul, along with admins BigBilly, and coder Rioter. There was also the assistance of MsE.

The Ultimate Site

Discussions were taking place between primarily with Darkmaul and MonkeyIsland, along with Rioter and BigBilly to develop a new, dedicated and freshly coded tournament and league site, one which wasn't reliant on forumotion. In late October 2008, the new forum along with a freshly redesigned site was released. In November 2008, the leagues were opened up to the worming public.

Currently, MonkeyIsland is in charge of the administration and the coding of the site, various moderators moderate the leagues and forums, cups are moderated by the players starting the specific cup, also there are several more people who help the site and the staff with millions of ideas, critics or translating.


  • 18 different languages currently, detected automatically by the site, but also selectable by the users
  • 4 different, selectable designs
  • Forum
  • Leagues
  • Cups
  • Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Online scheme editor, database and also private scheme database for each user
  • Map database, continuously updated by user submitted maps as well as maps taken from replays from the league itself
  • Replay database with a search engine, which can look in the game's chat log
  • Guides, also translated OR translatable into each language
  • A huge variety of different statistics

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