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Not to be confused with W4W, a kind of Wall-X-Wall Shopper scheme.
In WfW, a worm may only fire a weapon when it is standing on a block depicting it.
  W:A replay
An example of WFW game with Wyvern, Face, MinamotoY and Kee; taken from Worm Olympics
Length: 00:14:47
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Walk for Weapons (or WfW in worms terminology) is a scheme that relies on specially-designed maps and a unique rule: a weapon may only be used by a worm if that worm is adjacent to a picture of that weapon.

The maps usually consist of a network of walkways connecting these picture boxes, which are placed in strategic locations relevant to the weapon they depict. Because the use of weapons is tightly controlled in this way, each map can possess its own unique strategies.


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Game setup
Walk for Weapons (Tournament version):
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Specially designed map. Some maps allow weapons or utilities not found in the standard scheme. MapGEN is capable of creating random maps for the scheme.
Examples at the WMDB
3 per team recommended

Players begin by placing their worms around the map. They can place worms anywhere, but the nature of the map can mean that some locations are far more valuable than others, and experienced players will put a lot of thought into their worms' positions.

After placement, players then proceed to attack each other by moving to a picture-box and using the depicted weapon. The scheme provides unlimited quantities of all weapons likely to be used in the scheme, but ultimately it is the map that controls what can and can't be used.

The map can usually be fully navigated by walking and jumping, but Parachute, Bungee, and Teleport are also provided - and like everything else, can only be used from a picturebox depicting them.

The scheme is supported by HostingBuddy.


  • Stand on a pictured weapon/tool to use it - Players must only use a weapon to attack if their active worm is standing on a box containing a picture of that weapon. Otherwise, they can use a weapon to gain retreat time, provided it does not injure or move any other worms or affect any part of the map.
This is sometimes difficult to interpret in certain situations. Some players will allow the following:
  • the worm may use the weapon if it is touching the box, even if it not standing on top of it.
  • the worm may use the weapon if it is adjacent to another worm which itself is touching or standing on a picture of that weapon (and similar for any number of worms in a chain).
  • the worm may use a weapon mid-jump provided it was last touching or standing on the box when it left the ground.
  • Follow map-specific rules - Players must follow any rules regarding specific weapons that are indicated on the map.
  • (Optional) Change weapons every turn - Players must not use the same weapon twice in a row.


Creative modifications of the scheme.

Rope for Weapons

First generation

WO icon
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Rope for Weapons (first generation)
game with NvM and Zogger; taken from Worm Olympics
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The first generation of Rope for Weapons was played on 27th August 2008 at this WO tournament. It says the author of the scheme is "UISxxTom".

  • Touch 2 bubbles of the same weapon to attack with it.
  • Attack from rope (AFR).
  • It's not necessary to be on a weapon bubble to attack the enemy.

Second generation

Attack with the weapon the rope is attached!
Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Rope for Weapons (second generation)
game with Deadbeat and Incog; taken from Worm Olympics
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In this second generation variant (RfW), players use the Ninja Rope to move and in order to attack, players must attach the rope on a weapon sprite and use the same weapon it is attached to. TestStuff is usually recomended (it is common to see maps that encourage the use of the Indian rope trick).


The first map + scheme of the second generation was released in WMDB on 11th September 2009 by Apocalypse. Lei, sbs and Fastandfuri also contributed with maps.


The concept was originally devised by miner2049 and Squiffel made two maps using miner2049's idea. The idea was abandoned until Wyvern reintroduced it with a new map, uploaded to the Worms Map Database in April 2006.

The scheme has featured in competitions, appearing in the Worm Olympics every year from 2006 to 2015, and in cups hosted on The Ultimate Site between 2010 and 2017.

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