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Petrolbombicon.png Petrol Bomb
Type: Projectile
Keyboard selection: F10 (x1)
[WDC] F6 (x2)
Standard effects: Small crater; fire
Present in: Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Pieces
of fire
11 20 7 px
12 28 10
1 32 12
2 36 13
3 40 15
4 44 16
5 48 18
19 52 19
14 60 22
15 80 30
Napalm clearing Petrol Bomb's flamelets

The Petrol Bomb is a projectile weapon which is thrown like a grenade and explodes on impact. The petrol bomb has a very small explosion but releases a small quantity of fire which will try to spread on the ground from the explosion crater in both directions, being affected by wind and nearby explosions. Each turn the flames fade away a bit, shrinking in size. However, four and five turns after the Petrol Bomb was thrown, they are as small and sparse as they get, after which they disappear. Worms touching the flames will also gradually decrease the flames' size and thus their lifespan.

Note that in Worms: Ther Director's Cut and Worms 2, the fire doesn't stay between the turns and vanishes before the next turn starts.


  • Petrol Bomb can be useful to delay an opponent. Since the flames continue for several turns, if in the correct place, it can force the enemy to spend a rope, a turn or at least a lot of turn time.
  • It is useful if used under an enemy worm under Freeze effect. When the worm starts its turn it will be burned and will lose the turn.
  • Since its explosion releases flames, it can make worms slide to the water.
  • If you want to hit a worm under your worm and there is no ceiling above you, aiming perfectly upwards with the maximum force will let you use your retreat time well to escape from the damage and guarantee an easy shot.
  • If a worm is in a tight place, the flamelets of this weapon can deal a lot of damage (causing the worm to hit the wall and fall on the flamelets again and again), sometimes killing a healthy worm.
  • This weapon can be very powerful on battle schemes with Anti Sink ESO/RW feature, specially if used on slopes to make the worms slide to the water (twice in-a-row plop kill).
  • In Worms: The Director's Cut, the flames will always drop straight down vertically and are unaffected by wind, meaning if you can hit a ceiling or object directly above a worm, the flames will fall right on top of them.

Tricks and glitches

  • When the invincible worms cheat is on, touching the flames will not end a worm's turn.
  • Existing flames can be thrown around by explosions. The bigger the explosion, the longer-lasting and larger the affected flames will become.
  • When in the smallest form, a few of the centermost initial flames can be walked over with no effect.
  • A Petrol Bomb can be placed on a worm's head using the Ninja Rope.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Under normal circumstances, Napalm Strike will clear all the remaining flames from Petrol Bomb. This phenomenon can be avoided in v3.8 by increasing the "Maximum Flamelet Count" which the default number is 200.

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