Mole Bomb

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Not to be confused with the first-generation weapon of the same name.
Molebombicon.png Mole Bomb
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: F5 (x5)
Standard effects: Digs tunnel
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum injury Crater diameter
11 15 hp 35 px
12 21 47
1 24 47
2 27 61
3 30 61
4 33 61
5 36 73
19 39 73
14 45 85
15 60 123

The Mole Bomb is an animal (special) weapon which runs and hops around the terrain when released, until activated by the space bar or after 10 seconds of running. At this point it leaps into the air in an arc, digging through any terrain it contacts. The apex of the tunnel is roughly 140px above the level of activation, with low gravity doubling that. The arc's shape isn't affected by whether the mole is flying through the air or digging. Mole Squadron is an air strike version of the Mole Bomb.

When digging or flying, the Mole detonates on one of these four conditions:

  • It's manually detonated with spacebar
  • It has dug for 20 seconds
  • It collides with an object(worm/barrel/crate)
  • It collides with anything after it has dug through some ground.


When the mole is just walking or doing small hops it can be useful to collect a crate. If it is digging or leaping, it can explode the crates.

Tricks and glitches

About the leap of the mole: it is not based on the side the mole is facing, it is based on the side the body of the mole is moving. That's why sometimes the mole leaps to the opposite side it is facing (usually after hitting a wall in mid air).

Mole through terrain

A mole can pass through the terrain by at least 2 ways:

  1. Walking through ceilings
  2. Leaping at the Water Drops level

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