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Triple jet pack nade bounce
Jetpackicon.png Jet Pack
Type: Movement utility
Keyboard selection: Util. (x1)
Standard effects: Moves worm
Present in: Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Fuel
1-5 30
6 unltd.
X (7-256) X-6 (1-250)
Fuel of values different from 30 only works with the version

The Jet Pack is a movement utility, allowing the player to quickly get around the terrain unhindered. It has two thrusters, one to push the worm upwards, and another to direct the worm left or right. It has usually 30 fuel (in version it can be set to other values), which is drained at 6/sec per thruster, and the Jet Pack will instantly be deactivated once fuel runs out or the turn ends. While using the Jet Pack, the worm will fall at a slower rate than normal, even if no thrusters are used, and won't suffer from any fall damage. Weapons can be dropped while using the Jet Pack, after which the fuel is ignored and the Jet Pack will last until the retreat time ends.

Tips and tactics

  • Due to its unlimited use during retreat time, this is commonly exploited by dropping any weapon when the fuel is nearly out, getting the Jet Pack to last that much longer.
  • Running out of fuel or ending the retreat time will cause the worm to stay in a landing/jump posture for a while, without rotating, sliding or knocking worms on the terrain. This can be useful to reach and stop safely on good places. Deactivating the Jet Pack will also cause the worm to stay in this landing/jump posture, but resets all horizontal velocity, which is handy for landing precisely on pixels and jet-pack-o-cides. Note that if the turn time ends while using Jet Pack, this landing/jump posture will not occur. The worm will rotate, slide and knock worms.
  • Having knowledge about the Instant self-bounce/hit of a Jet Pack weapon drop phenomenon, and knowing how to deal with it, may make a huge impact on a play or even on a game.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

Secondary weapon icon

See Automatically selected weapons.


W:A Cheats

By default, the Jet Pack is only available through Utility crates or an unedited Intermediate scheme, but beating Mission 8 unlocks the Jet Pack Cheat in the scheme editor.

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