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Skunkicon.png Skunk
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: F10 (x2)
Standard effects: Poison
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum injury Crater
11 15 hp 35 px 0 hp
12 21 47 0
13 30 61 0
19 39 73 0
14 45 85 0
15 60 123 0
1 24 47 2
2 27 61 3
3 30 61 5
9 33 61 6
4 33 61 7
10 36 73 7
5 36 73 10
Poison measured in health loss per turn. Sorted by poison.

The Skunk is an animal weapon which bounces around the terrain when released. When activated by the player, the Skunk will release a wind influenced cloud of toxic gas which will poison any worms that come into contact with it. Poisoned worms lose health between every turn, down to a minimum of 1 HP (the poison will not kill a worm). The Skunk will automatically detonate after a short while but can be manually detonated by the player.

Trivia & detail

  • When the Skunk releases the gas it gains speed due to propulsion. This is easy to notice by releasing the skunk in mid air after a backflip and then hitting space to release the gas. This may seem like a funny trivial fact, but using this ability can make a real difference allowing the skunk to reach some slope it otherwise couldn't reach, and regular sheeps absolutely couldn't reach, and possibly improve accuracy when hitting enemy worms by the cloud.
  • The poison damage from skunks stacks with itself. For example, if a worm is sprayed by a Skunk with 3 power, and later again by another separate Skunk with 3 power, it will take 10 damage per turn instead of 5.


  • Since this weapon causes a little damage per turn, it works better when used at the beginning of the round. It's an early game investment for late game reward kind of weapon.
  • The Skunk can be used to collect crates. This will come in handy as you can collect weapons on the way to the enemy.
  • It's best used against clumps of worms due to the radius of the poison cloud.
  • The poison cloud can pass through obstructions straight up - useful for weakening Darksiders over time.
  • In schemes without health crates or where there's no way to cure poison, good use of skunks can result in rounds where your enemies are stuck with less health than your worms, and the health gap will only widen as the turns pass.


  • To ensure a poison at an enemy worm standing on the same floor of your worm, a trick can be made: walk on the back of the target worm and press space bar twice in-a-row to make both worms get poisoned. This will avoid risky skunk poison attempts (because the Skunk frequently hops above the worm), but since your worm will be poisoned as well, it is better to do this when your worm is not very healthy and the enemy worm is very healthy (or when you know you will collect a health crate right after the attack during your turn).

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Since this is a jumping animal weapon, its behaviour is not very reliable and can be risky to use.
  • The explosion of this weapon is usually small, therefore its damage and crater are not very powerful.
  • The poison cloud goes with the wind and sometimes it is not possible to poison worms, wasting the weapon.
  • The poison does not kill worms, which can be very frustrating if the worm cannot be finished off.
  • This weapon is weak if health crates are nearby to be affected worms. Health crates cure poisoned worms instantly, wasting the weapon's effect.
  • This weapon is weak on schemes with lots of health crates (unless when the v3.8's ESO feature that health crates don't cure poison is on).
  • This weapon's strength decreases when used later in the round as it needs many turns to deal lots of damage. Therefore it is not so good on schemes that take few turns to end, or where skunks are locked until far later in the round.

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