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Prodicon.png Prod
Type: Close Combat
Keyboard selection: [W2] F4 (x4)
[WA][WWP] F4 (x5)
[WDC] Hidden move
Standard effects: Victim is pushed
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP

The Prod is a relatively very weak weapon, which will simply give any worm standing before yours a small push. Even so, it is one of the few weapons that do not end Invisibility. It was originally intended by Andy Davidson to be a secret move, and remains so in Amiga versions of the game where it does not appear on the weapon select menu nor does it have a hotkey assigned to it.

Tips and tactics

The Prod is only useful when the target is standing at the very edge of a cliff, as the distance pushed is minimal. It is only worthwhile prodding a worm off of a cliff when he will end up in the water, or onto Mines, or when a Fire Punch or Dragon Ball will not suffice.

Successfully damaging or killing an enemy worm using the prod is often seen as an attempt to humiliate your opponent. It's generally a good idea to prod only when you're on friendly terms with your opponent. (Unless you plan on using it on yourself.)

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • The prod is only useful in very specific circumstances when a worm is standing at the very edge of a cliff. As it is very easy to avoid being in this scenario, the weapon is used very little.
  • Other weapons will usually suffice in such a scenario, such as the Shotgun, which is normally preferred as it gives the user an additional shot.
  • Similar to the Handgun, Prod is a humiliation weapon not designed to do serious injury, and so it is rarely used.
  • The weapon is close range only, and so using it can leave the user in the same disadvantageous position at the end of a turn.
  • The Prod is present in the Amiga version of Worms and in the Directors Cut, however it is a hidden move. Tapping AWAY, AWAY, TOWARDS, TOWARDS will make your worm use Prod, and end the turn.

Trivia & detail

  • If you use prod at an Oil Drum, it will not explode.

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