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Sheepicon.png Sheep
Type: Animal
Keyboard selection: F5 (x3)
[WDC] F5 (x2)
Standard effects: Large crater
Present in: Worms, WormsDC, W:2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 37 hp 73 px
12 52 97
1 60 123
2 67 135
3 75 147
4 82 161
5 90 173
19 97 185
14 112 223
15 150 299

The Sheep is an animal weapon that runs and hops around the landscape and explodes with the power of a dynamite. It can be manually detonated with the space bar but will automatically detonate after about 20 seconds.

In the first and the second generation Worms games, destroying a weapon crate that contains a Sheep will cause the Sheep to jump out of the crate and exploding on impact with objects or land afterwards. If the Sheep Heaven setting is enabled, this will be the case for every exploded crate.


Lifting up an enemy worm standing on a slope using the backflip can be useful to drop a sheep and push this worm in the air.
  • Because of the Sheep's jumping habits, you can hit enemies above you more easily without further aiming.
  • The Sheep can collect crates for its owner. This will come in handy as you can collect health and weapons on the way to the enemy.
  • If an enemy worm is standing on an incline, it is possible to do a backflip to lift it up and then drop a Sheep in mid air to push this worm in the air, depending on the situation this can be very useful, since this worm may fall or move to a different position while the sheep is yet to be exploded.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Since this is a jumping animal weapon, its behaviour is not very reliable and can be risky to use.
  • Using Sheep in tight spaces isn't recommended because the explosion power is pretty large.
  • In some rare occasions, the Sheep who jumped from an exploded crate doesn't explode on impact and instead keeps walking and jumping for 3 seconds.

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