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An epic Old Woman plop.
Oldwomanicon.png Old Woman
Type: Walking explosive
Keyboard selection: F11 (x2)
[WDC] 0 (x1)
Standard effects: Large crater
Present in: Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Maximum
11 37 hp 73 px
12 52 97
1 60 123
2 67 135
3 75 147
4 82 161
5 90 173
19 97 185
14 112 223
15 150 299
Old Girl Power!

The Old Woman (sometimes Old Lady or even Granny in worms terminology) is effectively a walking dynamite, having a five-second fuse, a heavy friction and exploding with about the same power. The Old Woman walks relatively slowly (2 pixels per 3 frames) and does not jump. It can be selected as a Special Weapon.

While in every appearance from Worms 2 onwards the Old Woman walks off muttering quietly to herself, she only says one very clear audible line in WormsDC - "I can't remember his name."

During the development of WormsDC a preview in CU Amiga Magazine suggested that the Old Woman would become "confused", forgetting where she was going and so turn around and head back to the worm who deployed it. This never made it into the retail release of the game.


Old Woman can be used to collect crates.


If a weapons crate holds the contents of an Old Woman, her muttering can be heard from that crate if it's destroyed.

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