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In Worms community some unique terms are often used in WormNET, having different meanings. The purpose of this page is to list and clarify these words.

Term Associated word(s) Meaning
Zook Bazooka Short for Bazooka.
Nade Grenade Short for Grenade.
Chute Parachute Short for Parachute.
Nana Banana Short for Banana Bomb
Tele Teleport Short for Teleport.
Plop Sink, Drown When a worm falls on the water and sinks or drowns (an onomatopoeia).
Newbie Beginner, Noob A beginner player, who is learning the basics of the game.
Noob Newbie, Beginner A pejorative way to refer to a beginner player who usually is not very skilled.
Pro Professional A very skilled player. It is also the name of a scheme that is intrinsic to Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party.
Quitter Quit Main section: Leaving the game. Someone who quits a match without a noble reason in the middle of a game, sometimes ruining it.
Fly Flight, Air When a worm travels in the air, usually being lauched from a weapon (commonly the Ninja Rope).
Pile Crowd Main section: Pile. A group of worms together.
Leader First, Top The team that is at the top during the match, usually the one that is with more health (the "winning" one).
Surf Skim When a worm skims across the water.
Cow Infringe(r), Violate(or) Main section: Cow. A move that infringed the rules of a game or as a verb: to infringe the rules of a game. Also, it can be a player who breaks, infringes or violates the rule, specially if done repeatedly.
PACK Rules Main secion: PACK. Acronym of Pile, ABL, CBA, and KTC scheme rules.
Roofing Roof, Border, Ceiling Main article: Roofing. Going above the ceiling of a cave map.
Shoppa Shopper, Misspelling Main talk page section: The term "Shoppa". A misspelling originated probably from the "Shopper" pronunciation.
Telecide Suicide, Teleport Main section item: Telecide. Commiting suicide with the Teleport.
Granny Old Woman, Old Lady Alternative for Old Woman
Old Lady Old Woman, Granny Alternative for Old Woman
Sally Salvation Army Alternative for Salvation Army
HHG Holy Hand Grenade, Holy Acronym of Holy Hand Grenade
Holy Holy Hand Grenade, HHG Short for Holy Hand Grenade
BnG Bazooka and Grenades, Bazooka, Grenade Short for Bazooka and Grenades
RR Rope Race Acronym of Rope Race
TTRR Time-trial Rope Race Acronym of Time-trial Rope Race
WfW Walk for Weapons Acronym of Walk for Weapons
WxW Wall-X-Wall Shopper Short for Wall-X-Wall Shopper
Proper Roper, Pro Alternative for Roper
SSR Super Sheep Race Acronym of Super Sheep Race
JPR Jetpack Race Acronym of Jetpack Race
Normal Intermediate, Conventional gameplay, Standard Gameplay Alternative for Intermediate, but also for Conventional gameplay schemes
BnA Bow and Arrows Short for Bow and Arrows
CDRW Comet Dodging Race Wee Acronym of Comet Dodging Race Wee
CTF Capture The Flag Acronym of Capture The Flag
BnC Bows and Clusters Short for Bows and Clusters
RnC Ropes and Crates, Crate Collector Short for Ropes and Crates
AFA Attack From Air Short for Attack From Air
SAA Surf After Attack Acronym of Surf After Attack
SBA Surf Before Attack Acronym of Surf Before Attack
FBA Fly Before Attack Acronym of Fly Before Attack
WBA Wall(s) Before Attack Acronym of Wall(s) Before Attack
TS TestStuff, Test versions Short for TestStuff
RW RubberWorm Short for RubberWorm
PX Project X Short for Project X
BTP Blame The Pixel Acronym for Blame The Pixel
TUS The Ultimate Site Acronym of The Ultimate Site
WKB Worms Knowledge Base, worms2d.info Acronym of Worms Knowledge Base
worms2d.info Worms Knowledge Base, WKB Alternative for Worms Knowledge Base
WMDB Worms Map Database Short for Worms Map Database
HB HostingBuddy Acronym of HostingBuddy
Hyst Hysteria Short for Hysteria
WSDB Worms Scheme Database Short for Worms Scheme Database
WSBDB Worms SoundBank Database Short for Worms SoundBank Database
WQDB WormsQuoteDatabase Short for WormsQuoteDatabase
CWT Crespo's Worms Tournament Acronym of Crespo's Worms Tournament
WSC Game scheme file, Worms Scheme Contest The file format of the Game scheme file, also the acronym of Worms Scheme Contest
WO Worm Olympics Acronym of Worm Olympics
NNN Normal No Noobs Acronym of Normal No Noobs
S@S Start at Start Short for Start at Start
STF Start to Finish, S2F Short for Start to Finish
S2F Start to Finish, STF Short for Start to Finish
CBA Crate Before Attack Acronym of Crate Before Attack
AFR Attack From Rope Acronym of Attack From Rope
KTL Kill The Leader Acronym of Kill The Leader
AFJ Attack From Jetpack Short for Attack From Jetpack
ABL All But Last Acronym of All But Last
KTC Kill The Cow Acronym of Kill The Cow
DC Deadcode Short for Deadcode
CS CyberShadow Short for CyberShadow
WA Worms Armageddon Acronym of Worms Armageddon
WWP Worms World Party Acronym of Worms World Party
W2 Worms 2 Acronym of Worms 2
TCB The Challenge Base Acronym of The Challenge Base
Team Weapons Special Weapons Another way to say Special Weapons
Anchor Mode Artillery Mode Another way to say Artillery Mode
Postal Strike Mail Strike Another way to say Mail Strike

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