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Some weapons are automatically selected at the beginning of a player's turn or when activating the jetpack, parachute or bungee.

Start of turn

At the beginning of a worm's first turn, the bazooka will be automatically selected. Otherwise, the selected weapon will be the weapon that was last used by that worm. If the bazooka or the previously used weapon is not available, another weapon will be selected. The weapons are ordered in a hierarchy that determines which weapon will be selected.


  • if the bazooka is not available, then the mortar will be selected
  • if a shotgun was used last turn, but is no longer available, then the selected weapon for that worm will be the highest available weapon on the hierarchy
  • if none of the weapons on the hierarchy are available, no weapon will be selected

The full hierarchy is:

  1. Bazooka
  2. Mortar
  3. Grenade
  4. Cluster Bomb
  5. Battle Axe
  6. Shotgun
  7. Handgun
  8. Uzi
  9. Longbow
  10. Fire Punch
  11. Super Sheep
  12. Aqua Sheep
  13. Mole Bomb
  14. Blow Torch
  15. Pneumatic Drill
  16. Ninja Rope
  17. Flame Thrower
  18. Petrol Bomb

Note that most weapons are not listed. It is not clear why the list only includes these weapons, or why they are ordered as they are.

On bungee, parachute or jetpack

When the bungee, parachute or jetpack is activated, a weapon will be selected automatically and displayed next to the worm. The weapon chosen for this is determined by the following hierarchy:

  1. Super Sheep
  2. Aqua Sheep
  3. Mole Bomb
  4. Dynamite
  5. Mine
  6. Sheep
  7. Salvation Army
  8. Skunk
  9. Priceless Ming Vase
  10. Mad Cow
  11. Old Woman
  12. Bazooka
  13. Mortar
  14. Grenade
  15. Cluster Bomb
  16. Battle Axe
  17. Shotgun
  18. Handgun
  19. Uzi
  20. Longbow
  21. Fire Punch
  22. Blow Torch
  23. Pneumatic Drill
  24. Ninja Rope
  25. Flame Thrower
  26. Petrol Bomb

This auto-selection is presumably to make it easier for the player to drop a weapon from the bungee, parachute or jetpack, but it is not clear why other droppable weapons such as the Banana Bomb are not on the list, and it does not explain why weapons such as the Blowtorch or Axe - which cannot be dropped - are listed.

Worms / WormsDC notes

  • Worms and WormsDC do not have a weapons hierachy and the Bazooka is the default weapon even if none are available in the inventory.
  • If a worm uses a Mine then it will be wielding the Bazooka at the start of its next turn.
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