Flame Thrower

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Flamethrowericon.png Flame Thrower
Type: Fire
Keyboard selection: F9 (x3)
Standard effects: ~200hp injury, burns terrain
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Pieces of fire
21 1
11 28
12 39
1 44
2 50
3 56
4 61
5 67
19 73
14 84
15 112
All power settings above 20 result in a single piece of fire.

The Flame Thrower fires a stream of fire droplets onto the terrain. It can burn through terrain quickly and also push worms over quite far distances. It can also be quite useful if combined with the wind (even more if Low Gravity is on), reaching far targets to push. Flame Thrower is the standard team weapon.


Just like Minigun, the Flame Thrower can deal plenty of damage burning a worm against a wall, ensuring that the worm will not escape from the flames when it starts jumping due to the burns.


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