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The first arrow being used to climb
Longbowicon.png Longbow
Type: Bow and Arrow (2 shots)
Keyboard selection: F3 (x5)
Standard effects: 15hp injury per arrow, arrows that hit the landscape become part of it
Present in: W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Injury
1 7 hp
2 10
3 15
9 22
4 22
5 30
Values are per arrow. All other power settings result in zero injury.

Longbow is like the shotgun, but shoots 2 arrows instead of bullets. The arrows will push worms quite far when hit, and any arrow that hits the landscape will embed itself into it, becoming part ofthe landscape itself.


Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Arrows-minigun
(Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn)
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  • The Shotgun can, with bad luck, create a crater beneath a worm, instead of pushing it away like you sometimes want it to. Therefore, the Longbow is better for pushing enemies away because of its powerful force - especially if another enemy worm is in close proximity.
  • Combined with low gravity, this is a great way to push enemy worms into the water.
  • Since you have 2 shots, you can use the first shot to your own advantage, rather than the enemy's loss. For example, shooting the first arrow at a steep unclimbable cliff might give you the ability to get up, since the arrow is solid after it has hit the ground. Also, an arrow can be used to block an enemy worm at a narrow passage.
  • If there is a worm standing on an inclination, you can move your worm underneath this worm and perform a vertical jump to dislodge it, allowing you to walk inside it and longbow him to the opposite side of the inclination. Also, this "inside shot" can be done with a rope knock on a worm at the very end of a Blowtorch tunnel, pulling this worm out of it.
  • In schemes that use the feature "Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn" of the Extended Scheme Options, it's possible to fire many arrows very fast. This allows players to execute two notable tricks:
    • Create a bridge firing multiple arrows at the same angle spamming the space bar, allowing the player to jump and walk to another island of the map.
    • Minigun effect on worms: a worm can be damaged 2 or more times by the arrows in fractions of second, launching it further than usual.
Arrow block
The "inside shot"
Arrows-minigun trick (Weapon Use Doesn't End Turn)

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Can only hit one worm, except in rare circumstances where worms are perfectly overlapping.
  • Your worm will take the damage if the longbow 'backfires', such as if you fire into a wall at zero range.
  • If the indestructable terrain option is turned on, then the arrows will also be indestructable. This has result in worms being permanently trapped underneath bows that have missed their target in many Shopper games.

Tricks and glitches

High-resolution Image

Longbow arrow with transparency.png

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