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For 'Start of turn' section

"It is not clear why the list only includes these weapons, or why they are ordered as they are."

Weapon panel (for reference)

I can presume some of of the reasons here.

F1 (1) m (2) m
F2 (3) (4) (5) s
F3 (6) (7) (8) (9)
F4 (10) s
F5 d d d d d
F6 m m sm sm sm
F7 (11) (12) m sm
F8 (13) m s
F9 s (14) sd sm
F10 (15) d sd sm sm
F11 d d sm s s
F12 s s
  • s=super weapons, m=requires moue pointing, d=drop-and-run weapons

First, none of the weapons on the list are super weapons, drop-and-run weapons, or those requiring the mouse. Why? Because
(a) super weapons are precious and powerful, and adding to the list will sometimes cause players to lose them due to accidentally pressing spacebar;
(b) drop-and-run weapons are for the similar reason, and they are reserved for dropping from the Bungee, Parachute or Jetpack;
(c) if a weapon that requires the mouse action is selected, the worm will be unable to move until the mouse action is completed - for weapons like strikes and Girders this ends the turn as well - this sometimes confuses players for being unable to control his worm forever.

Second, for the Parachute and Bungee, they're passive utilities and pressing spacebar does nothing. For Prod, Skip Go, Surrender, Select Worm, and Freeze, they do almost no damage when used. For Sheep Launcher, Banana, Minigun, Kamikaze, Baseball Bat, and HHG, they're less powerful than super weapons, but I think they're excluded in the same way like super weapons.

Finally, these are the reasons I guess why they're not in the list. I still cannot explain why for the Dragon Ball.

--Explorer09 08:29, 4 August 2010 (UTC)

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