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Not to be confused with W4W, a kind of Wall-X-Wall Shopper scheme.
In WfW, a worm may only fire a weapon when it is standing on a block depicting it.
  W:A replay
An example of WFW game with Wyvern, Face, MinamotoY and Kee; taken from Worm Olympics
Length: 00:14:47
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Game setup
Walk for Weapons (Tournament version):
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Specially designed map. Some maps allow weapons or utilities not found in the standard scheme. MapGEN is capable of creating random maps for the scheme.
Examples at the WMDB
3 per team recommended

Walk for Weapons (or WfW) is a scheme that relies on specially designed maps and a unique rule: a weapon may only be used by a worm if that worm is adjacent to a picture of that weapon.

The maps usually consist of a network of walkways connecting these picture boxes, which are placed in strategic locations relevant to the weapon they depict. Because the use of weapons can be tightly controlled in this way, each map can possess its own internal strategies.

The Rule

The scheme depends upon this singular rule:

  • a weapon may only be used by a worm if that worm is standing on a box containing a picture of that weapon.

This is sometimes difficult to interpret in certain situations. Some players will allow the following:

  • the worm may fire the weapon if it is touching the box, even if it not standing on top of it.
  • the worm may fire the weapon if it is adjacent to another worm which itself is touching or standing on a picture of that weapon (and similar for any number of worms in a chain).
  • the worm may fire a weapon mid-jump provided it was last touching or standing on the box when it left the ground.

Additional changes or exceptions to the rules can be as follows:

  • a worm may ignore the rule completely provided it does so for retreat time purposes only, and does not injure or move any other weapons or affect any part of the map when it uses a weapon.
  • some maps have special rules regarding specific weapons. These rules are outlined in text on the map, and must be followed.
  • there is currently no standard penalty for breaking a rule, so players must decide among each other what the penalty should be if the situation arises. A discussion in #worms could be held regarding this topic, and players could agree on a standard decision regarding this, to replace this text.


The concept was originally devised by miner2049 and Squiffel made two maps using miner2049's idea.

The idea was abandoned until Wyvern reintroduced it to the worms community. Since then, WFW has become a popular scheme among certain groups of wormers.

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