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The purpose of this page is to list some ideas of mine I think would be nice to see in future versions of the game.

Itens with bold text are important:

Scheme options

  1. Be able to set how many shots a turn may have. For example I have ulimited ammo of all weapons, but the scheme allows only 5 shots per turn. Maybe this is something I miss the most when I activate sdet feature. You need to put crates to give you weapons, less ammo or less time, otherwise people would spam a lot of explosions on the map and ruin the game. If this one day will be implemented, I think something like "x5 shots remaining" under the timer would be cool to remind people how many shots the scheme has and how manythe player already used. Also, something that PX has that I think is very interesting, is to determine the number of shots each weapon may have (like the shotgun that has 2 shots or the longbow). An alternative for this, could be an option to select after how many seconds it is possible to shoot again. There is also another very good alternative to this, proposed by pavlepavle here.
  2. Enemy Worms Finder - the same way /arrows command allow you to see the distance of the crates, a scheme option to find Enemy Worms should exist, since on some very big maps it is very hard to find them.
  3. Be able to set 100% dud mines. It would be interesting for games exploring them (to score hitting them for example or simply as a game with no mines, but with them for fun).
  4. Be able to set explosive-indestructible mines, or instant-respawning or end-of-turn-respawning mines on the same spot or maybe at random spots (mines explode, but they don't disappear or at least their object count number does not decrease). This would spice boom race or other races in a fair way to all players. BnA would be even more explosive.
  5. Scheme option to transform player mines into WWP player mines (with colors). Not only mines, but team colored girders and arrows. The same way WWP colored player mines, objects put by a team should appear with its color as a scheme option. This could be used for creative new scheme concepts. And in the case of the mines, it obviously does confuse players with the preset land mines (which may have different fuses). Also, an option to only allow your own mines to be activated by your own worms, not by the opponents worms or even the opposite, mines are only triggered by enemy worms, not allied worms. In 3.8 even enemy phased worms + weapon + damage still activate your own mines.
  6. /arrows included as a scheme option (to see arrows showing the distance of the crates)
  7. Be able to set more than 255 health in the beginning of the game (even without the handicap of the lobby)
  8. Choose hierarchy of Automatically_selected_weapons
  9. Be able to set health crates appearing during Sudden Death. Now we can make crates do not cure poison, but they stop appearing when this feature would be more valuable.
  10. Expiration (the opposite of delay), you start with a weapon with a blue parentheses showing how many turns it will last.
  11. WWP Wormpots that are still not in the game
  12. Some Worms 2 stuff
  13. Be able to set Fall Damage values in game menu, something only SchemeEddy and maybe other scheme editors can do right now.
  14. "No sitting nades" BnG rule, if the hand grenade sits for some fractions of a second, it automatically goes to power 21 and do not cause damage.
  15. PX's Fog of War feature. This is one of the things PX can do that turns a simple normal game into a very strategic one in a different way.
  16. Be able to set how many ammo a crate contain for each weapon.
  17. Be able to set Super Weapons crate probabilities and also modify their powers just like any other weapon. This change would probably invalidate old RubberWorm schemes, though. That could cause old RubberWorm replays to do not work too and this is sad.
  18. Worm Always on Control - It's impossible to a worm loose control, even if the worm is hit by an explosion or by a baseball bat. This change would bring fun to the game. Imagine if you could hit a worm, then press tab to change the worm to the one that is flying by the hit, and then drop bombs, fire the ninja rope in mid air, or simply tap parachute for an instant. Blast yourself with a magic bullet, and then simply start roping around. It would be possible to mix Boom Race with Rope Race in an interesting way.
  19. More clarity to the checkboxes at the extended game options. The squares could be bigger and the description could make it clear that there are 3 stages of checkboxes. Also, if the "chess board" checkbox is selected, it is not clear if the logic version has the glitch enabled or not by default.
  20. "Save State" or "Antisink even with no sink" feature - By pressing a button, the player will be able to teleport back to the previous position he/she was, exactly like the antisink, but even if the player fall on the land. This could turn races more interesting, even though teleport already is a workaround for that. At the scheme settings, if activated, it would be possible to determine how many times this feature could be used in a match (3 times standard number), or how many times in a row (only one time standard number). In battle schemes, this would allow players to do more risky moves, trying a hard shot, a risky fly with the rope as long they do not spent all their "save states". Note that this feature could only be used during the active player's turn. Another thing that could be determined at the scheme settings is if this feature "travel back in (turn) time" or not, like the antisink, in which the time keeps running even after the position reset. The feature could be done in a different way too: on the beginning of the turn, the player will be able to set a bookmark at a specific place/moment by pressing one button, then after some time, he/she will be able to press another button that will teleport instantly the worm back to the bookmark position. This could be useful in a battle to attack someone and then move "back to base" with the "save state".
  21. A button (like tab to select worms) to alternate the side of the wind (I already suggested this as a weapon: Wind Choice). If this idea is too far to happen, at least the constant wind should have an option to have 50% of chance to go to the opposite side, but with the same intensity.

During the game

  1. Add a reminder of the mine fuse scheme setting near the timer. This way players will not forget so much, they will not ask so much or will not remind others so much at the beginning of a match. Maybe more "reminders" could appear near the timer, but in a form of a button where you could see details of the scheme settings during the match (while it is not your turn). This way, people would know while in game non standard settings of the scheme, reducing surprises and increasing the gameplay level. Another thing that would be interesting is a "reminder" button but with a text of the scheme rules/description to access during the game. The scheme name could also appear above the timer: "You are playing: Dabble and Fidget". Maybe the scheme settings could be accessed via ESC button menu. People would have more usefulness of their time while it's not their turn.

Host lobby

This idea is just a trip of mine, probably it is too much thing to do for details, and players might not use it well, or simply don't use it. But, I just want to share what I tought.

Just before hosting (when clicking at the "Host" button) or simply on the lobby screen, the host would be able to select an image which represents the scheme, or have a text box specifically to make something like a Billboard to make clear to the players who join the room what is going to be played, the text box could be useful to inform the players the game rules or a summary of the scheme gameplay. The Image could also be used for that or to show an icon of the scheme. This would easily inform players what the host is attempting to play without needing to look the scheme ammo, delay, crates etc or making the host copy and paste the same thing many times, or writting too much. The image could also give an idea of the host's intentions, or say something about the personality or the mood of the host. Hosting Buddy would automatically select the scheme image/icon with the text box saying the scheme rules or a summary of the gameplay, but it would be possible to change the image/text too.

It would be interesting to see interactions with TUS schemes, at least the icon with the link to the TUS scheme appering in the hosting room (lobby).

Hosting Buddy, the NPC teacher

Clumsy, Not-so-good-graphics Hosting Buddy Tutorial NPC concept image

Alongside with its partner, Help bot, Hosting Buddy would act as an Etiquette, WormNET scheme/game focused tutorial NPC, teaching people how to behave correctly in WormNET, and help them with game/match/scheme/host issues.

An example of a Hosting Buddy message (somehow like a NPC of WormNET):

Welcome to Dogma's game, player. We are going to play a battle game called Shopper. This is a Ruled Game. If you don't know the rules, please read about them before playing this scheme on Shopper WKB's article. Do not disturb the experience of other players.

inspirational "New Jumanji" movie scene

Map Editor

The same map editor features (randomly-generated terrains), but for bigger maps rather than 1920x696 only. Now that Multishot is an official scheme option, the maps might be too small for a good gameplay.

Bugs, glitches, or phenomena I think should be changed

  1. When RubberWorm's feature of falling more than one crate per turn is activated, it often appears one juxtaposed at the other (two crates very close together seeming to be inside the other).
  2. "Error could not save team file". Most of the times I exit the game this message appears, before 3.8 it would reset my team file as I never played the game before, without my teams. So fortunately, I keep a back up of my team file, so every time this happens I substitute the file. After 3.8 update it seems there is a workaround of the game to deal with that, the error keeps happening, but the game "substitutes my team file automatically" or something like that. Even so, sometimes my teams still disappear, and I have to make the substitution manually. At least my teams disappear less often now, but this bug is annoying.
  3. The v3.8 new input feature "Auto-place worms by ally" is not working very well. Most (not to say all) of the times at least one worm will be on the wrong fort. sbs noticed that and I confirmed.



WMDB should stop labeling maps with bullying tags which disencourages players to create new maps. I know some people who deleted good maps from WMDB due to the bullying review system. Many maps were completely lost due to this. I'm sure many players gave up map making due to the review tags. All these years I've seen many people criticizing WMDB reviews, usually as Mole Shopper map uploads that are removed by the reviewers. I never understood why .PNG black and white maps are forbidden in WMDB (it is so stupid to dictate that only colourful maps are allowed when a lot of art work is made in black and white (highlight for images). Also the reviewers used to delete .LEV maps converted to PNG, even if you added sprites and more stuff to the map. I still think it could support .bit and .lev maps the same way TUS supports. Many reviewers are not experienced map makers and don't even play the maps they review. WMDB should remove the tags "Unimaginative" (this is the most useless and stupid one), "Clumsy" and "Not-so-good-graphics", since the website is not a contest site and there are many beginners to map making there. People only want to see people playing on the maps they spent hours doing. There are many aspects on a map that the WMDB tags do not take into account: if the map provides fun to the players, if it is well tested, if it has humor elements in it, if it has a story, etc. The good part of WMDB is that it encourages to people get better in map making (with the positive tags and the section "recently good maps") and it encourages creative and new gameplay maps (Original tag). It has some art aura/spirit that TUS doesn't have.

Note that besides the criticism, WMDB remains being an amazing website and all people who worked on it and maintained it for free deserves a "thanks" from the community.


There are many schemes missing in the WMDB categories. Examples: Surf Race (at least 9 maps), Mole Fort (at least 11 maps), Boom for Weapons (at least 15 maps), Kill The King (at least 20 maps + 8 PX-KTK maps), Highlander (at least 22 maps), Kaos Normal (at least 16 maps), Rope for Weapons (at least 12 maps), Worms Basketball (at least 8 maps), Fly-Forts (at least 9 maps), Rope Knocking (at least 28 maps), etc.

Also, there are some schemes that have just 3, 4 or 5 maps, but they deserve a proper category, so that people will know the schemes and may contribute with more maps. Examples: Cannon Rope Race, Check Point Rope Race, Mine Drop, Die Pie, Boom! Headshot, Dominator, Trench Warfare, Mole Vaulting, Teleporting, RopeShopper, Skinflint Roping and many more.

Replays attached to maps

It would be amazing if WMDB could store a slot for one or more replays on each map. So many maps we wanted to see how it should be played and it doesn't have that feature. Few people upload replays as external links, being most of these links now dead.

Everytime I think on something I think would be nice to the game I will add here.

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