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Trench Warfare:
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3 or more teams, with a maximum of 12 worms in total

Trench Warfare is a scheme which heavily utilises the way in which the crate spawning algorithm works. The majority of the landscape is filled in, and contains a system of tunnels that are small enough so that a crate cannot spawn inside them. Dotted around the maps are special locations called "drop zones" where there is a gap large enough for a crate to spawn in. The landscape is indestructable so no extra large empty spaces are created inside the map.

The aim of the game is to defend the drop zones by blocking them from your opponents, so that they cannot collect the crates. The crates contain powerful weapons which are used to defeat the other teams. All teams are supplied with powered down Mines and Petrol Bombs in order to block tunnels. Most of the weapons supplied in crates are powered up so that they are capable of delivering at least 60 points of damage, which is done to encourage the use of the mines and petrol bombs to be defensive. The crate chance has also been edited to beyond the standard maximum to discourage the appearance of Select Worm.

Players are advised to use a minimum number of teams which is one more than the number of drop zones, and maps usually require that players start in specific areas. One problem with the scheme is that if a mine or worm ends the turn inside a drop zone, then crates will no longer fall. Some players play using a "rule" that nobody will do this on purpose, although it is hard to enforce.

The original map can be found here. There are two original versions of the scheme, the standard version, and a skipwalk version, which has a shorter turn time and encourages the use of using the Skipwalking glitch.


As dropped mines can only have a 3 second timer, one variation of the game is for players to agree to immediately end their turn if they set off a mine, in order to make the mines more useful.


This scheme was created by Melon.

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