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BlameThePixel screenshot
Creator: ZoGgEr!
Creation date: October 2002

BlameThePixel (abbreviated BTP in worms terminology) was a general worming site, created by ZoGgEr!. The site contained a large community, along with a forum, downloads section and more. The site was maintained by Zogger, along with an admin team including Bloopy and others.

Due to a website issue which appeared between 2013 and 2014, it cannot be accessed at this time (the scheme editor page is the only known exception). The latest functional version can still be visited through the Internet Archive here.

A large map pack of maps collected by YoYo was released on BTP in 2006 and can still be downloaded here. Only a fraction of these maps had been uploaded to BTP previously.

History of BlameThePixel

BlameThePixel was a combination of Zogger's previous sites - PixelBlamingArmy, ZoMArch, RandomSigScriptGenerator and Worms:ClanSites. The new site included a Help section, and new features such as FictoLeague and (p)roper excuses, later followed by more spectacular features such as Javascript & Java games, and PixVille: a pixel art city where users could add their own house.

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