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icon Worms Autogaming
Worms Autogaming screenshot
Developer: Bloopy
Latest version: / 15 October, 2006
Supported games: W:A
Language: C#
License: Closed source
Website: Planet Bloopy
Download: Worms_Autogaming.zip (174KB)

Worms Autogaming is a program released as a screen saver which launches W:A replays. It can launch them from any specified folder, in sequence or in a random order. Worms Autogaming can also tell W:A to open the in-game chat, set the playback to a different speed, and change the volume level during playback (where 0% is mute and 100% is maximum Windows volume).


  • A rotating worm and customizable piece of text will bounce around on any additional monitor(s).
  • The modified version of the W:A icon that Worms Autogaming uses was originally created for WAgame.chat.
  • The program makes use of code modified from Garry Freemyer's Swarm screen saver.

Ideas for future versions

  • Don't attempt to launch a replay if the W:A CD is not found, as W:A's error message does not make a great screen saver.
  • Devise a way to detect when a replay has finished loading. Currently, Worms Autogaming sends the messages for opening the in-game chat and setting the playback speed repeatedly for about 30 seconds from when W:A was launched. This has the minor effect of preventing the user from then closing the chat or changing the playback speed during that time.
  • Figure out a way to prevent or recover if a program such as a virus checker steals the focus from W:A, as this seems to cause the game to pause (The controls for skipping to the next replay or quitting the screen saver still work in this situation).
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