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Shotgun Race:
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Shotgun Race is a racing scheme with destructible terrain. The objective of the game is to climb to the top using only Shotgun (digging) and jumps.

In the original scheme, damaging yourself by a shot's crater or by Fall Damage will cost you a turn and only two shots can be fired per turn. At the time, it was not possible to use modern features. If the game lasts for enough time (usually only with more players), Sudden Death will start to make the water rise, killing those that are behind and causing some pressure on players.


  • Start to Finish - each player/worm at their own start
  • Only shoot your own tower - meaning no attacks and no compromising another player's tower


Modifications with relatively small detail changes to the scheme.

  • With RW's or ESO's multishot feature (for faster gameplay)
  • Time-trial (unlimited turn time)
  • With RW's or ESO's Loss of Control Doesn't End Turn (ldet) feature
  • With Phased Worms (explosions do not affect worms)


If Shotgun Race was not the very first, it was one of the first digging races of the game. It was invented by Bloopy (source) in September 2002, with only one map existing for it for some time. The second ever map for the scheme was a color map created by Kilgore and published on WMDB on 15th February 2005. This map finally allowed Shotgun Race to have up to 6 players instead of 4.

An earlier map dated December 2001 and also named Shotgun Race was collected by YoYo and later included in the BTP Ultimate Map Pack v2. However, it's unknown who made the map or how it was played. Apart from the idea of digging tunnels with shotgun, the scheme may have had nothing in common with the above. It's similar to a Mole Shopper map, but made of grid lines which make it more difficult and annoying for worms to climb the tunnels they dig. This plus the randomly placed holes suggest it could've been a race to dig tunnels for shooting other worms more so than to navigate the map.

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