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RRkit screenshot
Creator: TonY
Creation date: 2002
Link: http://rrkit.worms2d.info/ (partial mirror)

RRkit is a site dedicated to the rope race (RR) scheme. It was made by TonY and was originally intended to be home to a RR tutorial as well as a central spot to download RR maps.

RRkit tournaments

Due to the good response from the community, RRkit started hosting tournaments once a month. Tournament moderators included TonY, Flamie/Hip, DarkOne, Face and Dextah090. These tournaments proved to be the most popular tournaments till now with the third tournament having 64 participants and the fourth having an still-unsurpassed record of 66 participants. The RRkit tournaments were the first events in which the time-trial variant of rope race (originally invented by Dextah090) were implemented. Although the popularity in tournaments declined over the years, RRkit tournaments still had a respectable amount of participants in almost each issue. A total of 40 tournaments were hosted, with the last one hosted in January 2007.

Time-trial challenges

When Deadcode released the first beta update, replays became possible in W:A. This started a whole new idea of time-trial challenges. TonY was the moderator who would pick a map. Participants attempted to complete the chosen map as quickly as possible and send the replay to the RRkit moderator. Unfortunately, these challenges never became very popular, most wormers not sending in their replays because Ryan and Mablak were excellent at these challenges. Almost all challenges were won by one of these two wormers. Due to this impopularity, TonY abandoned hosting the timetrial challenges until Face picked it up again in 2006. The popularity didn't improve much in comparison to the previous attempt and after a few challenges, Face also had to stop hosting them due to lack of time.

Present status

The RRkit site is still up for downloading RR maps along with its RR tutorial, but there is very little updating done on the site. It is still a great place to start a RR map collection and learn RR tricks.

Around autumn 2009, the rrkit.com domain has expired. A partial mirror was set up on http://rrkit.worms2d.info/ using archived material.

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