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Homebrew Worm Designs
WMDB maps page
Creator: Jehuty
Creation date or year: 2003
Link: http://www.finepointmedia.net/hwd/

Homebrew Worm Designs (also known as HWD) was first created in 2003 by Jehuty. The site enabled users to upload their own maps and have them available for public download with ease. However, due to the large preview downloads and lack of an efficient search engine, the site didn't hit off to well as thought expected.

In later 2005, a new version of HWD (aka Homebrew Worm Designs 2.0) emerged introducing a new easier interface, reviews, map contests, and the addition of tags to uploaded maps. This enabled users to personalize their maps to a higher level by being able to explain what programs were used to create the map. By setting these options, this set up a link under the preview display of a map that links to program descriptions. Users also were given the option of whether they wanted their map to be reviewed before it would be available for public download. However, since the arrival of the BETA updates giving the ability to develop maps of any size, HWD was not fully compatible with the size differences.

Then in 2007, Homebrew Worm Designs envolved to 3.0. This new site included a brand new professional and slick look with a dynamic flash navigation, full compatibility with any map size, customizable column and row display settings, an optimized map design contest voting system, judges, the ability for users to edit their own map information, and full statistics for every map maker who has submitted a map. This included a brand new scoring system giving map makers the ability to earn awards and rankings. Also each user gets their own exclusive page to show off their maps. Users were also now given the option to provide a TCB link if their map is on The Challenge Base.

HWD in early 2008, Jehuty added a video archive section containing hilarious worm videos from various replays in WA.

People currently assisting HWD maintance as acting "Judges" whos responsiblity is to review maps include: Jehuty, Bloopy, NAiL, breedybag

Then site continues to gain much popularity and respect due to its fast and clean enviorment.

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