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Worms Map Database
WMDB maps page
WMDB maps page
Creator: AliceinChains
Creation date: 19 July 2003
Link: https://www.wmdb.org/

Worms Map Database (more commonly known as WMDB in worms terminology) was created by AliceinChains in 2003 as a means for mapmakers to upload their maps without a lot of maintenance work. This version of WMDB never got very popular as the SfX site had a map cart with a large collection of maps already and most popular maps were readily available on several other websites.

With the arrival of the Beta updates, custom made colour maps were now available to play on and AliceinChains decided to revamp the site in 2004. With this version of WMDB - which was released on February 12th - you were no longer required to make an account to upload maps. WMDB was now the easy way to upload colour maps and find them. With the popularity of colour maps, WMDB became a frequently visited site where most colour maps had their first public releases.

March 2005, the site was once again designed anew and this time, all maps were given tags describing originality, graphics and thought given to map construction (or lack thereof). Since reviewing all these maps is too much for one person to do, FatalFanatic, Jehuty and DarkOne joined the staff. FatalFanatic later on took over the coding work from AliceinChains as he had little time to spare for worms. ShootMe joined the staff not long thereafter. In august 2007 NAiL joined the staff and is in charge of rating new maps.

In May 2008, doben and breedybag joined the staff to lighten the load for NAiL.

Till this day, WMDB remains a popular site for uploading and downloading colour maps where there's no need for signing up.

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