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Warehouse of Scheme Creations or simply WoSC is a group/community of players interested about different scheme ideas, new gameplay, development of schemes, maps, scheme-related art, tools to promote schemes and work on schemes together, discussing them. Members often test schemes together and help others with their ideas trying to respect each other, with ethic about scheme authorship, credit, etc. Since developing a new scheme requires sometimes a lot of time, work and usually people don't try or are not interested in new schemes so often, uniting people who like different games may help to make a scheme receive attention in W:A community. Not only that, it is a place of creative people, art, dedication, brainstorming, fun and so on.


WoSC was the first community (at least on TUS) focused on schemes, founded by FoxHound and DumbBongChow on 08 July, 2011 (right after the release of Snooker) as a TUS Community. oinky was also a very important member, being very active and admin of the community for a long time (more focused in Project X schemes). Many other players were active members, examples: LeTotalKiller and Clamp. The community had been dead for some time, tried to be revived in 2013 and in 2020 tried to be revived again (without success).

The most related group of players focusing on a similar idea before WoSC is innovatorsXtreme (2007), though being more focused on map making. Later, appearing on TUS on 16th December 2016, another scheme making community called Proof of Concept was founded.

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