Jet Pack Bungee glitch

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The Bungee from Jet Pack glitch.

The Jet Pack Bungee glitch allows you to attach the Bungee in mid-air. In order to perform the glitch, you will need to equip the jetpack and select the bungee as the secondary weapon. Then, hold down the left- or right arrow key, and press spacebar (holding down also the up- or down arrow key won't have an effect on that glitch). The worm will unequip the jetpack and automatically equip the bungee, which will be suspended in mid-air. The bungee rope requires that the worm must be a certain height above land before it will deploy, and the same rule applies in this case also.

This glitch can be of limited use for the player executing it. However, it can be argued that this will allow a player to survive a potentially fatal fall if executed just before the jet pack runs out of fuel, and similarly can allow the worm to gain extra distance by building up momentum on the bungee.

Note: this glitch is impossible to be done if the "anchor mode" scheme setting is turned ON.

This glitch can optionally be disabled using Extended Scheme Options.

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