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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Rubber Rush match with
lacoste and Alien; taken from Worm Olympics
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Game setup
Rubber Rush:
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Random island
8 per team

Rubber Rush is a conventional gameplay RubberWorm scheme, with the weapon arsenal being very similar to Intermediate. There are no crates in this scheme. Worms have 200 HP. Land mines are 3 seconds, and there are oil drums on the map as well. All weapons have standard power. Blowtorch, Pneumatic Drill, Prod and Handgun are unlimited. The following weapons have delay: Low Gravity (1), Jet Pack (2), Homing Missile (1), Ninja Rope (1), Air Strike (3), Napalm Strike (4) and Skunk (4). Resources are very limited (1-3 ammo per weapon). Firing weapon doesn't end turn nor pause timer, damaging the worm being controled ends the turn. Sudden Death comes at 5 minutes with fast water rise. All glitches are allowed.

Tips and tactics

  • Combo: Battle Axe twice + 2 well aimed Shotgun shots kills a worm with max health (200 HP) instantly by damage.


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According to this post by lacoste, the scheme was created by Dario, probably for the event below (likely to be where it was originally published):

Competitive events


On 17th August 2012, Dario organized a tournament for this scheme on Worm Olympics, being played as best of 3 (bo3).

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