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  • The "slow front end" fix, introduced in v3.6.26.4, actually slowed down or stopped WA from working for some people, especially those using Windows 9x/Me. It is now optional. By default it is now disabled, so if you experience a slow front end without it, execute the registry script SlowFrontendWorkaround_On.reg.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.26.4: The word "Language" was not properly translated in the Options menu, and "Français" was misspelled.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.7: In the Options menu, the Volume percentage is now displayed in all languages. Previously it was only displayed in English, and starting with v3.6.19.15, French as well.
  • Bug introduced in v3.6.23.0: In Swedish (Svenska), Worm Death comments referred to "_LANG_STRING_" instead of the dead worm's name.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.25.1a: The logic for determining whether or not to display the background layer and background debris in a colour map with holes disabled was incorrect; unless a map had 32 or fewer colours, these backgrounds would not be displayed. Now it works as described in the v3.6.25.1a history entry.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.21.1: In an Exported Log, unsuccessful attempts to fire weapons (usually resulting in a warning beep) were logged as if they were successful. They are no longer logged.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.7: When starting an offline game with an intrinsic map (Cars, Polar, etc.), the incorrect map was embedded in the recorded game file, resulting in instant desynchronisation upon playback. Past games that were incorrectly recorded due to this bug can now be repaired — see Features.
  • Bug introduced in v3.6.25.1: The Scheme Editor in the Options menu was unusable due to an inactive Save button. In v3.6.26.4 it was completely disabled due to this. It has now been restored to full functionality.
  • The maximum length of the Direct IP entry box (introduced in v3.6.19.7) has been increased from 16 to 128 characters, so that domain names can be used.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.7: When playing back old replays recorded with old pre-release versions (v3.5β3pre7 to v3.6.18.8), /anon messages were not shown (and the same happened when exporting a log).
  • In the Map Editor, clicking the Trash icon then exiting the editor would result in the wrong map being selected. This has been fixed; now you can easily use an entirely empty or entirely full map without having to resort to the kludge of toggling a pixel. (Note that unless you convert such a map to colour with Placement Holes disabled, it will not truly be entirely empty or full when played.)
  • Fixes affecting game logic
    • Latent bug exposed by a fix in v3.6.23.0: If another worm is damaged during the current player's turn, the game waits for a lull in activity before subtracting the damage points. Normally, this happens when the current player's Worm stops jumping, or lands from the Rope. But if the player was on a certain kind of stationary vertical rope (see Footnote 1), the Rope would immediately disconnect the moment the Worm was moved into direct contact with the floor, and the game would pause while the damage was subtracted.
    • Under certain circumstances, a very fast-moving rope, when bounced against a wall, would dampen its speed even if Left or Right was being held.
    • A glitch was introduced in v3.6.20.1: While walking, if a player switched between holding Left and Right with no time in between (some keyboards force this even if the keypresses overlap) at the same time as a second condition was satisfied, the Worm would skip as many as 18 pixels in one frame. Export Log now logs this glitch when it is emulated. The following are the two ways in which the second condition could be satisfied:
      • Pressing Space with Bungee or Parachute selected
      • Releasing Shift after having walked backwards


  • Camera lock (enabled by turning on Scroll Lock) now works during one's own turns. It is reset at the beginning of each local turn to prevent accidents or confusion caused by unexpectedly moving off-screen.
  • The list of intrinsic maps is now sorted in alphabetical order, and is complete regardless of which missions you've completed.
  • Export Log additions
    • Instances of the glide glitch are now logged. (This is where a Worm moving down-left, passing over a pixel of terrain at certain velocity ranges in certain fractional positions, will have its vertical velocity nullified and friction applied to its horizontal velocity.)
    • Instances of the walk skip glitch (in v3.6.20.1 to v3.6.26.4 — see Fixes) are now logged.
  • There is now a Repair feature which can be applied to recorded games. Right-click on a .WAgame file and choose "Repair", and W:A will attempt to repair it; if successful, a new file will be created with " {repaired}" appended to its name. Currently, only one type of repair is done, for offline games that used an intrinsic map but had the wrong map embedded in the replay due to being recorded with a version earlier than v3.6.26.5 (see Fixes). A replay that needs repairing will play back incorrectly, displaying Checksum Mismatches when you pull down the chat bar with PageDown.

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