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  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.7: Version fixed the recording of Quick CPU games, but Deathmatch games still were recorded with the wrong map. This is now fixed; also, recordings made before this fix will now play back properly.
  • Fixes affecting game logic
    • Version 3.5 Beta 1 fixed the glitch in which a falling worm, colliding with a parachuting worm, could end its turn. But this fix had the side effect that enemy worms, sliding as the result of an attack, could never horizontally knock the attacking worm (regardless of whether it was using the parachute). This had presented an element of challenge, and at times caused amusing bad or good luck. So now it is back; yet the collisions will still never directly end the attacking worm's turn, as they could before v3.5 Beta 1.
    • The timer did not pause when a herd of Mad Cows was released from the Rope, Bungee, Parachute or Jet Pack. Thus, it was possible for the turn to end before the entire herd was released, denying the player from having any retreat time.
    • Version fixed the allied overstockpiling problem, however, special weapons were still added from all teams. This was intentional on my part (if there can only be one special weapon, and the teams in a group don't use the same one, which weapon should be dropped?), however it has since been made clear to me that this was not a good solution. So now, if there is a disagreement between teams in a group on which special weapon to stock, the choice is made depending on which team gets the first turn (which is random at the beginning of a game, then incremented after each round). The legacy behaviour was that the special weapon would be determined always by the last team in the team slot list, and this stayed constant throughout a match (and beyond that if the team list stayed the same).
    • The first team in an allied group to get a turn was not being properly set; usually the first in the team slot list in each group would always get the first turn.


  • Ammo is now displayed for delayed weapons in the right-mouse-click weapons panel.
  • If the host in a game has an older game version than at least one other player who has joined, the message will now be "Game will emulate n.n.n ..." rather than "Game will take advantage of the latest n.n.n features and bug fixes"
  • Right-clicking the Water Level bar in the Map Editor now sets the appropriate level for "water drops", where worms do not drown whereas weapons sink. (The Indestructible Border must also be turned on for this to work.)
  • Player disconnections are now properly recorded. During playback, players' names are greyed when their disconnections are re-enacted. The reason for a disconnection is also shown, if detected or communicated across the network. [Due to a bug, a disconnection reason of "network drop", "timeout" or "desynchronisation" was only printed on the host's side; for clients (and playback of client-side replays), the reason was omitted, even though the information was present in the replay file. This bug was not fixed until v3.6.30.0.]

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