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  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.7: A replay file which ended abruptly (due to a crash or Alt+F4 during recording, or a recording still being made), when played back, would continue indefinitely after the point at which the file ended, with the human-controlled worms doing nothing and CPU worms (if any) moving like normal.
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.23.0: Pressing the R key to restart a replay now clears the chat box.
  • Flags
    • UK: v3.6.23.0 made the diagonal red lines appear too pale (pink). They are now redder.
    • Spain: proportions of bars fixed (1:2:1); coat-of-arms added in v3.6.23.0 has been removed


  • "Extract Log" has been renamed to "Export Log", because that more accurately describes the process.


  • Screenshots are now saved in User\Capture under your main W:A folder.
  • A video capture feature has been added. Right-click on a .WAgame file and choose "Export Video...". A dialog box will pop up with some options; you may modify the options to your liking then click OK. An image sequence will then be saved in PNG format to a folder named after the replay file, under User\Capture.
    • Frame rate divider: W:A has a native frame rate of 50 fps. This is divided by the "frame rate divider" value, so for example entering 2 will result in a captured frame rate of 25 fps, and 5 will result in 10 fps.
    • Start at: The time index (in game time) at which to start capturing video. Examples: 5:15, 7:34.18, 1:41:09, 2:07:59.72. The replay will fast-forward to this point.
    • End at: The time index after which to stop capturing video and exit, using the same format as above. If left blank, video will be captured until the end of the replay or a manual quit.
    • Resolution: The resolution at which to play and capture the specified replay. This defaults to 640x480 regardless of what resolution you have set for normal play. If you choose a resolution unsupported by your video driver, it will default to 640x480.
    • Basename: The prefix to use for naming images in the captured sequence. For example, the default video_ results in filenames such as video_007815.png.
  • You may now right-click on a .WAgame file and choose "Playback at..." to automatically fast-forward to a specified game time before commencing normal playback. Note that if you press R during playback, it will again fast-forward to the specified point. Press Shift+R to override this and restart without fast-forwarding.

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