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  • W:A no longer uses 100% CPU unnecessarily.
  • If you experienced a buggy/laggy timer or inoperational game starting with, execute the registry script TimerWorkaround_On.reg. (Note: This setting has no effect under Windows 9x/Me.)
  • Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.17: The game no longer freezes when Single Stepping is used up to the end of an Instant Replay.
  • The Super/Aqua Sheep visual angle now more accurately depicts the angle at which the sheep is flying.
  • The crosshair visual angle is now more precisely depicted.
  • The phone icon no longer displays as a result of a whisper which would otherwise be invisible. Note that people with older versions will still see the icon.
  • It is no longer possible for a host to start the game on your end if you have not lit up on your end to signal readiness. If the host attempts this, your Ready light bulb will flash; click it to go ahead and start.
  • Bug introduced in v3.5 Beta 1: With Large Fonts (fonts set to something other than 96 dpi), certain border boxes were drawn with overextended lines.
  • The random map generator is now much less likely to make oversimplified maps; it now generates complex maps more consistently than versions prior to 3.6.
  • Fixes affecting game logic
    • The v3.6.19.17 fix: "Weapons can now be selected while your worm is reshooting the Ninja Rope." introduced a glitch: if you made your worm shoot a starter rope from mid-air, and attempted to select a weapon before the rope caught, the default would be selected instead. It was not intended that selection be possible during the starter rope shot. In v3.6.19.18 the fix for this wasn't complete.
    • Crates no longer fall slowly following a turn in which Low Gravity was active.
    • The v3.6.19.7 fix: "There was a mismatch between the Fall Damage threshold speed, and the threshold speed at which the Parachute was activated. There was a small space between where your Worm could accrue fall damage without the parachute activating. This only happened when the worm was sliding, for example from the Rope." was incomplete; there was still a small window between the thresholds. This is now fixed once and for all. [Not quite a complete fix; see v3.6.21.1 fixes.]
    • If a moving worm knocked a mine directly, it was then possible for the worm to pass out of range without triggering the mine.
    • The W:A message format internally allowed a Super/Aqua Sheep to be turned at sudden angles, even full reverse. This would have required hacking, though: it wasn't possible using the keyboard.


  • A game timer is shown above the turn timer. (In replays, it has full precision; in game play, it has hours and minutes.) This is useful for referencing moments in replays, and is also a stopgap until bookmarking and cropping are implemented.
  • The turn timer no longer "fades in" during replays, so that the duration of a very short turn can be read easily.
  • Precise fuse timers are shown during replays.
  • The phone icon is now displayed in whichever corner is least intrusive.
  • The display can now be scrolled while paused in Single Step mode during a replay.
  • Features affecting game logic
    • Worms can now change direction and fire a weapon in the same instant. (This is similar to a change in v3.5 Beta 1, which allowed one to change direction and jump in the same instant.) So for example, in a Battle Race, you can now land from a jump, hold the key to face in the opposite direction and fire the shotgun immediately after landing without worrying that your worm may fire in the wrong direction if your timing is perfect.
    • Utilities can now be toggled; for example, if you use Low Gravity after it has been activated, it is cancelled.
    • Worms can now walk backwards. When you hold the Shift key and walk, your Worm will not change the direction in which it is facing. This is useful for fine-tuning your position prior to a jump or shotgun shot, for example.
  • Switched to Visual C++ 7.1 for compiling, with Whole Program Optimization. This may make the game engine a bit faster (e.g. for faster, smoother fast-forwards in replays).

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