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  • [CS] Removed stub .WAgame context menu entry for "Convert to Beta" option, accidentally left in v3.6.30.0 and v3.6.31.0.
  • [CS] Intrinsic scheme files were being created with filenames in an incorrect encoding.
  • [DC] Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.19.17: When Extract Scheme was used on a mission/training replay, it would crash or behave abnormally. The correct behaviour is to refuse to extract the scheme, because the configurability of missions is currently not representable in the scheme file format.
  • [DC] W:A now fails gracefully instead of crashing when attempting to load a BMP file in User\Flags containing an invalid header (e.g. zero-filled).
  • [DC] Bug in a feature introduced in v3.6.29.0: When the tweak StereoFactor was set to a value less than or equal to DisplayXSize*2, W:A would crash when starting a game. For example, with 1920×1200 as the configured game resolution, setting "Stereo effects" in Advanced Options to anything from 0% to 5% would result in a crash when an attempt was made to start a game.
  • [CS] Bug in a feature introduced in v3.5 Beta 1: The custom resolution selection drop-down was being disabled when the team limit (32 teams) was reached.
  • [DC] In an offline game with "Weapon use doesn't end turn" enabled (see Footnote 7), a supply of multiple Longbows, and Instant Replays enabled, it was possible to crash the game by triggering an instant replay while Longbow arrows were in the air.
  • [DC] When a WAgame file was launched from Explorer in Windows 2000/XP, a refresh was triggered in Explorer; upon returning from Playback, the selection was reset to the first file in the folder.
  • [DC] Fixes affecting game logic
    • [DC] If the Bungee was triggered on the same frame (at the same instant) as damage to other worm(s) began to be displayed, the Bungee would instantly be cancelled and the Worm using it would fall and lose its turn. (This bug could only happen if BattyRope was not enabled.)
    • [DC] Bug introduced in v3.6.30.0: If a rope that was not perfectly vertical was allowed to settle into a perfectly vertical resting state, and then a Girder or Longbow Arrow was created inside the rope, the worm dangling from the rope would "accelerate" due to gravity while actually staying still at the end of the rope; when released, the worm would then fall downward at an artificially high initial velocity.
    • [DC] When an Indian Nuclear Test (2 poison points) was used right before the onset of a Sudden Death Nuke (5 poison points), the loss of health due to poison was applied twice (once after the Indian Nuclear Test and again after the Sudden Death Nuke). Both times only the Indian Nuclear Test's 2 poison points were applied, ignoring the Sudden Death Nuke's 5 poison points on that turn and subsequent turns. The fixed behaviour is now to add the poison points (2+5=7), applying the cumulative poison only after the Sudden Death Nuke and not between the two nukes.
    • [DC] If a worm standing on land placed a Girder next to a moving or jittering object (e.g. a worm), such that there was adequate clearance the moment the mouse button was clicked, but blockage on the following frame, the Girder would be placed anyway, intersecting with the object that should have blocked it. An analogous thing happened for Teleport, except that the worm would enact the Teleport animation and sound without actually teleporting.
    • [DC] In v3.6.30.0, a fix to a glitch accidentally had the effect of increasing the average depth of the Pneumatic Drill from 158 to 185 pixels, and significantly changing the probability distribution of its depth. The average depth and its statistical characteristics have now been restored to legacy behaviour.
    • [DC] In a Crate Shower, it was possible for both Super Sheep and Aqua Sheep crates to fall, regardless of whether the Aqua Sheep was enabled or not.


  • [CS] W:A will now use the larger font for the in-game chat and network panel on resolutions of 720 pixels in height or taller, as opposed to the old value of 768.
  • [T17:CB] W:A now uses 32-bit colour graphics modes both in the front end and in-game. Internally it still uses 8-bit palettised graphics, with a software renderer converting to 32-bit colour in real time. This fixes all remaining OS-related palette glitches.

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