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v3.6.19.17 Beta Update (2004.03.11)


  • Even when instant replays were disabled in the scheme, one would still be shown following a death that ended the game.
  • If there was an error loading a scheme file, the dialog was undismissable requiring the "WA.exe" process to be killed externally.
  • W:A accepted the WWP CD, but this was premature in the development of WWP compatibility.
  • For a client at the host/join stage, other players' ready indicators were improperly cleared during reception of a map.
  • During playback, the dialog menu button (ESC) would beep if a "game over" was in progress (as in normal play)
  • Checksums for remote players were not recorded. This is now used to detect who was the local player (whose copy of W:A created the recording); recordings made from now on don't require this detection (nor would it work).
  • Fixes affecting game logic
    • When placing worms at the beginning of a game, placing directly on land caused an annoying delay of two seconds, whereas letting the worm drop onto land did not create much of a delay. Now, placing directly on land causes virtually no delay (the only delay will be due to network lag).
    • Weapons can now be selected while your worm is reshooting the Ninja Rope.
    • It was possible to teleport horizontally outside the indestructible border, which could result in an accidental drowning during placement. (Glitch introduced in v3.6.19.7.)


  • When the turn timer has a negative value (currently only possible by editing a scheme externally) a forward turn counter is displayed, starting at zero.
  • During a replay, hundredths of a second will be shown in the turn timer.
  • There is now a built-in screenshot key that works in game. The key is Pause, and it saves screenshots in PNG format using minimum compression for speed. They are named screenNNNN.png and are stored in the main Worms Armageddon folder.
  • There is now a single-step key for replays. Press S to step through a replay frame by frame. Press a speed key (1-9,0) to resume normal playback. Note: ESC/PageDown/PageUp currently do not work while single stepping.
  • In playback (behind-the-scenes mode) mine fuses are now shown. Dud status cannot be shown in advance because it is decided only upon the triggering of a mine.
  • During playback, the camera tracking can now be overridden by holding down the Left Mouse Button. This is especially useful in fast mode, to prevent the camera from jumping around.
  • Under Windows 2000/XP, the high resolution system timer is now used. This results in much smoother rendering, especially if your display's vertical refresh rate is a multiple of 50 Hz.
  • The mouse and camera are now updated between frames, for much smoother scrolling and local-user-controlled cursor movement.

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