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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: A Plop Gum match
with Fighter, WaterMelon and FoxHound
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Plop Gum:
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Plop Gum (PG) a.k.a. Wk Plop War a.k.a. Plop War Rubber Version a.k.a. Rubber Plop War has Plop War's idea of a battle about drowning worms, but using RubberWorm features: sdet, rubber (58%), ldet, fdpt, crateshower, wdca, cratelimit (10), friction (1) on open island maps. Unlimited weapons usually do tinies craters and the others which have bigger craters are limited. The 2 Jet Packs of the scheme have a fuel value = 10. The limited suply of girders, the unlimited Longbows, blowtorches, unlimited parachutes, the rare teleports and unlimited moles are also very useful tools for locomotion. Animals help collecting crates.


Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Plop Gum tutorial by Fighter
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Going upwards

The glue is tricky and the locomotion tools are restricted in this scheme. In a game where the only way to kill a worm is by sinking it, it is important to stay in higher spots. The following list is about the tools to climb the terrain:

  • Girder
  • Longbow - bridge (see Tricks section)
  • Bungee - launching the worm
  • Parachute
  • Blowtorch
  • Jet Pack (fuel 10) [x2 ammo]
  • Mole Bomb by digging or by Mole Jumps (see Tricks section)
  • Teleport (only found in crates, not so easy to find)
  • Homing Pigeon (only found in crates and by self-exploding with it, but it has the cost of spending one ammo that could be used to kill a worm)

Digging a hide

Sometimes even staying at the top of the map can be dangerous, so using Blowtorch, Pneumatic Drill or the shotgun can be very useful to avoid an easy kill with the Baseball Bat. Remember to save sometime to do that, because the original scheme has no automatic retreat time and the HB version has only 3 seconds to escape.

Wise use of the big crater weapons

Weapons like the Sheep Launcher, Homing Pigeon, Super Sheep and Homing Missile have limited ammo (or are found in crates) and cause big craters (with powerful blasts), something that is really strong in this scheme comparing with the bazookas and the grenades that have power 11, with craters who looks like Shotgun shots. Saving ammo of the big crater weapons and spending them wisely is very important.

Using girders to help plopping worms

Girders can be used offensively, for example, using them to create a better route for the Sheep Launcher, or to throw worms on them.


Hovering parachute grenade drops

Mole Jump

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: How to
perform a Mole Jump
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The useful "Mole Jump".

A good way to move is doing Mole Jumps (a trick planned by the author of this scheme).

How to do a Mole Jump:

  1. Backspace twice with one hand
  2. Immediately, press madly fast the space bar many times with the other hand.

Is this it.

Bridge of arrows

With Longbow and multishot it is easy to create a bridge firing multiple arrows in the same angle spamming the space bar, then you can jump and walk to another island of the map.

Preventing self rubber bounciness

The rubber bounciness of the scheme is with this specific intensity to facilitate the hits in mid air (using minigun, longbow or dragon ball for example), this also affects the worm you are controlling every time it falls, costing some precious time. To avoid this, force the activation of Parachute in mid air.

Hovering with parachute using the wind against a wall to drop grenades fast

If the wind is strong enough and there is a wall, it is possible to hover with the parachute, in a way that the worm will stay on the same place in the air without falling. This is useful to drop grenades faster, creating a sink hole whithin seconds.


Uzi Bows and Arrows Plop Gum (UBNAPG)

Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: UBNAPG demonstration by Fighter
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This variation created and released on TUS on 23rd May 2016 by the same author of Plop Gum uses the same concept and physics of the original scheme, but it has no crates and the arsenal is now very restricted, being the main weapons the Uzi and the Longbow.


The scheme was created by Fighter.

Different names/releases

UIS clan: Wk Plop War

The scheme was released for the first time on UIS clan website on 19th January 2011 as "Wk Plop War".

Worms Knowledge Base release: Plop War Rubber Version

After the first release, it was added to this wiki (WKB a.k.a. on 8 April 2011 under the name of Plop War Rubber Version, because the author had stated by the time that the scheme should have this name.

TUS release: Plop Gum

The scheme was released on TUS on 04 May 2016 under the name of Plop Gum (PG) by the author using an alternative TUS account he used to use.

HostingBuddy's Rubber Plop War

Since 5th January 2021 Plop War Rubber Version is supported by HostingBuddy under the name of "Rubber Plop War". The scheme was updated to the new v3.8 features (not by the author) with some significant detail changes to the original scheme (example: no more infinite baseball bat, now obtained only via crates). The idea and the core characteristics of the scheme remain the same.

Similar ideas

Run's Drown Syndrome is a 2008 similar idea, consisting on a scheme about drowning god worms with multishot feature on open island maps as well.

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