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Drown Syndrome:
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Any open island map, preferably bulky
Best played 2v2 with 6 worms per team. If played 1v1, have each player put two teams in to bring the worm numbers up to 12 per player. Other player combinations don't play well.

Drown Syndrome is a scheme that relies on the "shot doesn't end turn" feature of RubberWorm. This feature allows players to use as many weapons as they like in a single turn. However, the scheme also uses the "infinite health" mode, so worms can be killed only by drowning them. Firepower is strictly limited, with most of the 20 available weapons being on the weaker side of the arsenal, and ammunition being set to just six each for all of them. Only parachute and bungee are unlimited.

Consequently, the game becomes a challenge of delicately balancing the need to conserve weapons with the need to drown as many enemy worms as possible each turn. Games tend to be chaotic and brief, clocking in at around 10 minutes. Flooding occurs after 6 minutes of game time, helping to bring the round to a quick close.

The scheme was devised by Run sometime in October 2008.


The ability to combine weapons in a single turn opens the game up to a number of novel strategies.

Defensive tactics

  • The most time-consuming part of any turn is travelling over (and often through) the terrain. Use this to your advantage by keeping your worms well distributed around the map, forcing your enemy to spend more time moving and less time killing your worms.
  • Though no spots are truly safe, the most difficult worms to kill tend to be those with a huge block of land between them and the water. Give yourself some time to make a retreat to a safer spot, and consider a girder or two to make it difficult for your opponent. Even if you can't save your worm with these considerations, you can at least cost your enemy time and effort.
  • Carefully thrown petrol bombs can slow your enemy down. In "infinite health" mode, contact with fire will not end a turn, but an enemy can still waste a lot of time stubbing it out if he doesn't have any alternatives for getting past.

Offensive tactics

  • If you can pile enemy worms together, work on doing that first before you start killing them off. It'll save you weapons and, even if you run out of time, your opponent will be able to take a maximum of only one out of the pile before it's your turn again.
  • If you need to pack a powerful blast, try dropping a 5-second grenade and then - precisely one second later - a 4-second grenade in the same spot. The blast can easily be powerful enough to throw a worm off the map when a firepunch just won't do it.
  • When a lot of land stands between an enemy worm and the water, considering using a mole to dig a hole all the way down. Then simply knock your victim down into it.
  • Not every shot has to hit an enemy. Sometimes you just need to reshape the land before a particular weapon will work. If an obstacle is preventing you from dragonballing a worm over a cliff, just shoot it out of existence with a few bazookas.
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