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Normal No Noobs
Normal No Noobs screenshot
Creator: SirGorash
Creation date: January 2005

Normal No Noobs (NNN in worms terminology) is a Worms clan specially focused on Normal games, which is what they think the most exciting way of playing Worms. The clan was founded with the objective of gathering together the best Normal players. When NNN was founded in 2005 they played Worms World Party and later on switched to Worms Armageddon probably during 2007.

Nowadays their main goal is to show that Intermediate is a very complete and challenging way of playing Worms that combines most of the skills developed in other schemes with many skills specific to it. They want Intermediate to increase in popularity and they want the skill level on WormNET to improve. Of course, they want the NNN clan to always be recognized as the best Intermediate clan.

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