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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: An example of a Time-Trial Rope Race game
with Mablak, Flori and Yanme; taken from Worm Olympics
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Rope Race is a rope-based race scheme played by members of all three second-generation Worms games.


  • Reach the spot labelled Finish, F, End, E, any other variatons of those words, or a spot that is obviously the end of the map with one worm in the shortest time possible.

Note: A short form to inform the host that you know the game is typing "STF" that means Start to Finish.

Standard rules

  • Players start by placing their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, Begin, or any other variation of those words.
  • Players are not allowed to rope knock.
  • Players must take the path intended to be taken by the author of the map. This usually means that they must: follow any arrows pointing which direction to go, stay outside the map boundaries as short a distance as possible, and if there are no arrows directing a turn at a crossing path, go straight without changing direction. If there are no apparent rules, players must use their common logic to determine the correct path.

Tips and tricks



Time-trial rope race or TTRR is the name given to the current standard rope race variation (Concept tought by Dextah090), due to its difference from the original variation, which was turn-based. In time-trial rope race, players note the turn time taken for each player to reach the ending point of the race from the starting point. The winner is the player with the lowest noted value.


Originally, in Worms Armageddon, there was no option to allow an unlimited turn timer, so rope races had to be turn-based. This meant that players would take short turns (usually 20 or 30 seconds long) to complete the race. Those who died while racing had to start their turns from the beginning, giving their opponent(s) a great advantage. This advantage does not occur in the standard time-trial variation.

In the turn-based variation, a tie between two similarly-skilled players is likely because the number of turns taken to complete the map may be the same. In the case of a tie, the players may decide among each other to restart the map from the beginning with another worm or race back to the start with the worms who reached the finish.

In Worms 2 and Worms World Party, there is no option to allow an unlimited turn timer, so rope racing must be turn-based.

"Tower Rope Race"

As defined above, this variant is basically a mixture of Tower Race and Rope Race, with a not-so-slight bias towards the latter. The gameplay itself is the same as Rope Races' on big maps: sometimes weapons added for gaining a little bit of time before the end of the turn, or BattyRope can be activated so that the worms stay attached to the rope, which comes in handy on certain maps.

Trick Race

Main Article: Trick Race

In this variation, the player has to do specific rope tricks, according to the name of them on the map.

Low gravity

In this variation, each player must enable the low gravity utility before beginning their roping.

Roping significantly changes when low gravity is activated. Climbing is significantly faster in low gravity for obvious reasons, while the main challenge is to have a high descent speed. The Shadow, a rope trick commonly used in rope races, slows descent speed significantly with low gravity enabled, forcing players to dramatically change their roping styles.

Powered-down ropes

In this variation, the rope power is set lower than the normal power of 5, so that the player has a limited number of rope attachments. This makes roping through the map significantly more strategic, as the player must account for the possibility of their rope attachments running out before they reach a sufficient spot to fire a new rope. Winning games with these settings relies heavily on using parachutes to cut down time between rope uses.

Cannon Rope Race

In this variation the map features a number of "cannons", and when the player reaches a cannon, they must place their worm in it and throw a banana bomb inside. The explosion should send the worm to the next segment of the rope race. The rest of the race is played identically to the turn-based variation.

Check Point Race

In this variation, the player has unlimited teleports and there is a sequence of check points in the map. If the player doesn't reach a check point at the end of the turn, it has to teleport back to the last check point that he or she reached.

Mine Runner

Main Article: Mine Runner

In this variation, the player has to escape from lots of land mines while roping.

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