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Ninjaropeicon.png Ninja Rope
Type: Movement utility
Keyboard selection: F8 (x1)
Standard effects: Moves worm
Present in: Worms, Worms DC, Worms 2, W:A, WWP
Power settings
Power Shots Maximum
1 1 294 to 297 px 45°
2 2 336 to 339 45°
3 2 378 to 381 90°
4 3 420 to 423 90°
5 unltd. 462 to 465 90°
Angles measured from vertically upward.

The Ninja Rope is one of the most popular movement utilities in the Worms series. It is also the basis of all roping schemes, including Shopper, WxW, Roper; and some racing schemes, including Rope Race and Trick Race.

Depending on the power setting, you may be given a number of repeat swings, this is done by pressing space to let go of the rope, then pressing space again to re-fire it while in mid-air. This does not use up extra ammo. If you dismount and touch the ground, any unused repeat swings are lost.

To set unlimited number of shots for a single rope (for playing roping schemes), adjust its power level to 5 stars in the weapon editor.

You can fire weapons from the rope by selecting them and then pressing Enter.

Rope Knocking

A rope knocking example

Rope knocking is a technique of moving another worm using a rope. It is done by gathering a momentum and flying off of the rope, making your worm bump into another. The advantage of rope knocking is that it is a great way of drowning worms close to the edge or grouping a number of them together and does not end your turn. You can use it even on worms immune from attack (due to rules restricting attacking the last player on some schemes). Some schemes are played with rope knocking on, while others forbid it.

Rope knocking is disabled in offline games by default. It can be enabled for offline play in Worms Armageddon in the Advanced Options screen, but will always be disabled during missions.

In online games, the presence of rope knocking depends on the WormNET channel from which the game was hosted - #AnythingGoes and #RopersHeaven enables it, while #PartyTime disables it. You can also use the wa:// protocol (see Footnote 3 of the ReadMe).

TestStuff and BattyRope modes also force rope knocking to be enabled.

Version differences

  • In the PC, Mac, PlayStation and Saturn versions of Worms, the Ninja Rope will not bend on the landscape and will instead pass through it.
  • In Worms 2, the rope can be fired at a maximum of 54 degrees downwards, while Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party restrict the angle based on the power setting and cannot be fired below the horizontal. However the Super Rope Wormpot mode in Worms World Party will increase the angle allowable to a maximum of 54 degrees downwards.

Tips and tactics

  • Selecting the Parachute while on the rope will cause it to automatically deploy if you fall off of the rope (unless you hit your head on the ceiling as lose control). This allows a safe landing in the event of a mistake, and can still deploy even after a rope knock.
  • Firing the rope knowing that it will not attach may be useful to aim as a Laser Sight workaround.
  • Ending the retreat time while using Ninja Rope will cause the worm to stay in a landing/jump posture for a while, without rotating, sliding or knocking worms on the terrain. This can be useful to reach and stop safely on good places. Note that if the turn time ends with the rope attached, this landing/jump posture will not occur. The worm will rotate, slide and knock worms.

Rope tricks

The following websites contain information about Ninja Rope tricks:

A good way to practice using the Ninja Rope is the Crazy Crates training.


6 worms on-a-rope forming a Newton's cradle
BattyRope demonstration

BattyRope is a game setting which allows the Ninja Rope to stay connected during other players' turns, and also forces Rope Knocking to be enabled. It can be enabled by entering "/batty" in the hosting lobby.



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