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Arrow Race is a Longbow-based racing-style scheme where players must navigate a specially-designed map, using only the longbow, to reach a finish line from a designated starting point. The scheme is co-operative, unlike most other racing-style schemes, requiring players to work together to complete the race course. The game is therefore more akin to a challenge or mission.


Game setup
Arrow Race:
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Specially designed map (examples:[1], [2], [3])
One worm per team

Players begin by each placing their single worm on the designated starting location.

The longbow can be used to propel your own or your allies' worms, or used to create bridges and ledges, to gain access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Because each team has only one worm, the map often cannot be completed without close co-operation.

Teleports are also provided, to allow escape from areas of the map accidentally closed off by the arrows, which remain indestructible.

The scheme is not currently supported by HostingBuddy.


  • Place at the start - Players must place their worms on the spot labelled Start, S, or similar.
  • No shortcuts - Players must take the path intended to be taken by the author of the map. If shortcuts are available, players ought to agree on whether they can be used, as they may not be deliberate features of the map.
  • Use only bow and arrow to progress - Players must not use the teleport to make progress along the race course.


The scheme is thought to have been created by Shadey, who is noted as the author of the scheme on the Blame The Pixel site where it had been uploaded, though the date of this upload is unknown. The earliest known map for this scheme was uploaded to the Worms Map Database by its author AmpSux in November 2005.

The scheme is known to have featured in at least one competitive event, a cup on The Ultimate Site in 2016, albeit with several considerable changes, such as RubberWorm features and extra weapons.

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