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Monkey Mode is a simple cheat for WormsDC that translates all of the weapons' names into Swedish, as well as altering the appearance, but not the function, of the Sheep-on-a-Rope. It does not have any real impact on the gameplay short of being an amusing aside. The cheat likely stems from Andy Davidson's "hobby" of translating words into Swedish.

To activate the Monkey Mode cheat, type KARTONG APA in the title screen.[1]

Below is a list of each weapon in WormsDC along with its Swedish name.

English Name Monkey Mode translation Correct translation
Bazooka Bazooka Bazooka
Homing Missile Målsökande Missil Målsökande Missil
Grenade Handgranat Handgranat
Cluster Bomb Splitterbomb
Grenade Launcher Granatkastare Granatkastare
Shotgun Hagelgevär Hagelgevär
Uzi Uzi Uzi
Handgun Handvapen Pistol/Handvapen
Fire Punch Eldslag Eldslag
Dragonball Drakklot Drakboll/Drakklot
Dynamite Dynamite Dynamit
Sheep Får Får
Air Strike Bombattack Luftanfall
Petrol Bomb Besinbomb Bensinbomb/Brandbomb
Teleport Teleport Teleport
Blow Torch Blåslampa Blåslampa
Pneumatic Drill Pneumatisk Borr Tryckluftsborr
Mine Mina Mina
Ninja Rope Ninjarep Ninjarep
Bungee Bungeehopp Bungee
Girders Balkar Balk(ar)
Skip Go Hoppa Över Hoppa Över Tur
Kamikaze Kamikaze Kamikaze
Surrender Ge Upp Ge Upp/Kapitulera
Homing Pigeon Målsökande Duva Målsökande Duva
Mad Cows Galna Kor Galna Kor
Banana Bomb Bananbomb Bananbomb
Holy Hand Grenade Helig Handgranat Helig Handgranat
Minigun Minigun Minigun
Baseball Bat Slagträ Basebollträ
Super Sheep Superfår Superfår
Sheep-on-a-Rope Kenny-på-ett-Rep Kenny-på-ett-Rep is correct, as the Sheep sprite for this weapon is replaced with a person named Kenny when this cheat is activated
Sheep Strike Får-Attack Får-Attack
Old Woman Gammal Kvinna Gammal Kvinna
Priceless Ming Vase Ovärderlig Mingvas Ovärderlig Mingvas
Postal Strike Post-Attack Post-Attack
Nuke Atombomb Atombomb
Concrete Donkey Betong Åsna Betong Åsna
  1. Worms: The Director's Cut cheats, Lemon Amiga. Retrieved 2010-06-17.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Verify that the in-game translations are accurate Swedish, and provide a correct translation in a third column where necessary.
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