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K4Tsis, oinky, AduN, and avirex
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5 per team 1v1;
3 per team 2v2

Pro is a default scheme with a lot of strategic depth. The scheme requires two rounds to win, and uses the anti-stockpiling setting, encouraging players to manage their weapons very carefully. The scheme typically encourages very territorial gameplay, with the limited availability of transport tools promoting a strong focus on securing high ground and maintaining access around the map (and denying opponents the same).


The selection of weapons provided in the Pro scheme is very similar to the Intermediate scheme, with 27 (of the 32) weapons and tools identical in their availability. Pro, however, also provides a Banana Bomb, Fast Walk, Freeze and Suicide Bomber, while there is no Sheep, 3 Ninja ropes instead of 5 (which are also weaker, at a power setting of 2), and 1 Battle Axe instead of 2.

Weapon powers are also adjusted. The Airstrike, Napalm Strike and Banana Bomb are weaker, at power setting 2, while Grenades are stronger, on a setting of 4.

Like the Intermediate scheme, only 8 of these weapons are unlimited in number, and so the anti-stockpiling setting makes a significant difference to the way the two schemes are played. Players of Pro must use the limited weapons extremely carefully, knowing that any they use in earlier rounds will make subsequent rounds much harder. Experienced players will also keep careful track of what their opponents have and haven't used, especially the transport tools, so that they can stay aware of their capability.

The restricted selection of transport tools (none are unlimited) and the anti-stockpiling setting encourages players to make the map as accessible as possible 'on foot', so that the transport tools can be conserved for especially destructive attacks, winning moves, or emergency situations. Worm positioning throughout the game also becomes very important, as it is often necessary for worms to provide backup for one another (with as little cost as possible to the transport tools). The scheme includes manual worm placement at the beginning of each round, to reduce the luck involved in this aspect of the scheme, helping to balance every match.

There are no rules for this scheme.


Timing Sudden Death can be a valuable tactic. Sudden Death, set as a Nuke with moderate flooding, plays a major role in Pro. The Freeze provides a possibility of avoiding the radiation poisoning of the nuke, but the round timer is hidden, making it very difficult to accurately time the optimal use of the Freeze. Experienced players will attempt to track the time expired.

Using the advantage of fewer worms, with the Teleport, can shift the balance against an unprepared enemy. Because Pro does not include Select Worm, either as a start-of-turn setting or as a tool, the Teleport becomes a powerful tool for setting up an attack against an opponent. A worm on a less numerous team, which teleports near an opponent, may be able to get a second turn and attack, before the target has a chance to respond. For this reason, it is important to ensure worms can support each other when on a more numerous team.


The Pro scheme has been around as long as the game itself, having been provided as part of the default schemes in the base game.

It is one of only a few default schemes that have featured in competitive league play, having featured in the Worm Olympics in 2011 and 2013.

This article has a to-do list:
  • Include replays for an entire match
  • Strategy section could do with more info about mobility
  • Scheme includes airstrikes, but apparently island maps shouldn't be used? Something wrong there, needs clarification
  • in-built scheme actually doesn't have freeze, fast walk, suicide bomber - lots of questions over the exact specs of the scheme here
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