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innovatorsXtreme screenshot
Creator: Breedybag, GAS
Creation date: July 2007

innovatorsXtreme (abbr. iX) is a guild of map-makers founded by Breedybag and GAS in 2007 with the aim to provide the Worms Armageddon community with maps of a guaranteed high standard of quality. The criteria for this standard are strong indications of originality, professional graphical design and accessible map layouts (at varying levels of difficulty.)

Although iX is primarily a group focussed on creating maps, members have also invented a small number of schemes. The first scheme officially launched by iX is Dominator, created by Breedybag in 2007.


In alphabetical order:

iX is highly selective in choosing prospective members, however anyone can apply to join the group by contacting one of its members or via the iX forum. Sometimes members are also admitted by invitation.

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