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The Darts scheme is a wormy adaptation of the popular real-life Darts game.

In this adaptation, players have to launch their worms to the scoreboard. This is done by enabling Low Gravity, then by using the Ninja Rope to build momentum against the landscape (generally a wall, but could also be a dot for example), and finally by effectively flying to the scoreboard, triggering a Pneumatic Drill rapidly after initiating the flight. Certain maps may require pressing the Space bar in order to stop the drilling, lest the worm should fall off the scoreboard and drown.


The scheme was invented by SiD in 2011, with a first map posted on WMDB on July 15th.

A dedicated community, dS (Darts n Stuff), was then created a year later by Alien and Komito. Currently, Hurz Triad and spleen17 are Co-Leaders. The scheme became notorious after all the promotion effort made by this community: various Darts-related events are hosted on a regular basis on TUS (which even features Darts as a Free league scheme) and WO.

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