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Attention, attention! I love tables. Just kidding. I love wikitables.


If you have questions about my content on the following pages especially, feel free to write on my talk page:

User pages

SandboxWorms 2 network samplesWorms World Party Namuwiki

Game schemes


  • fkNetcode - WormKit-like module loader for patching the Worms 2 Frontend.
  • FrontendKitWS - module loader for Worms 2 frontend patches
  • IMG Viewer - displays IMG level files and their details
  • Optimized ProjectX Editors - removed annoyances like missing close buttons or other bad UI
  • Syroot.Worms - .NET libraries for loading and modifying file formats of Worms games
  • PAL Editor - capable of viewing and editing W:A / WWP frontend color palettes
  • Worms 2 Game Server - host your own abandoned Worms 2 server
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