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The following is a direct translation of the Worms World Party Aqua information available on namuwiki. Feel free to transfer it to better places on this wiki, as I only transfered general information on the game.


Worms World Party Aqua, a sequel game of Online Worms developed by South Korean corporation MGame Corp., was licensed by Team 17 to operate service. It was also serviced in China.

Worms World Party Aqua had been designed to be serviceable online by improving the engine of Worms World Party from Worms series. The names 월드파티 (Worldparty) and 월드 파티 (World Party) were used interchangeably. However, the shortcut icon name shows as 월드파티, therefore this document has been titled as such.

Though it does not support 3P like Online Worms, it supports 2P simultaneous login, and also supported 1P+2P vs computer, and 1P vs 2P playmodes.

Before Release

In 24.12.2002, a temporary forum opened for Worms World Party(Online) along with some posts about agenda from the development team. Worms World Party(Online) was to be implemented with customization{Male and Female worms' different appearance seems to have started from this agenda. Customization was properly implemented in later into the Worms Series.}, growth(?), and/or stats(?) systems (None were ultimately implemented.) However, as the development process took longer, the forum was met with some negative posts.

The grand launch was scheduled on February of 2003, but later into June, developers declared through the forum post that it will be postponed later into the second half of the year. Perhaps in attempt to console the awaiting audience, the developers said they were in development of "Worms Plus Aqua", with a following post: "Wouldn't it be a cute sight if the cute Worms shot bazookas in the clear blue ocean while wearing swimming goggles? Worms Plus Aqua is scheduled to be in service by mid-July of 2003, so let's beat the 30-degree heat with Worms Plus Aqua, and we hope you to support our Worms World Party's development team for the remaining half of 2003.

However, due to Team 17's concern that Worms Plus might confuse the users as a new Worms Series, the game's name was changed. During middle of development, Worms Plus Aqua added Worms World Party system and changed its name to Worms World Party Aqua.

Closed beta testing was performed from 25.07.2003 to the 30th, and open beta from 1st of August.

Contrasts from Online Worms

  • Worms World Party Aqua has improved graphics, using 16-bit instead of 256 coloring, as well as requiring higher computer specs compared to Online Worms. Computers with lower-end specs that ran Worms World Party fine, still took more than a minute to load when playing Worms Aqua.
  • Appearance difference depending on account's gender. Female worms have a short-cut hairdo, while male worms wear a hat.
  • Undersea and Rope Shopper modes added. New weapons exclusive for Undersea modes are also added.
  • Training Mission and Item Shop added. {Online Worms also later made a 722 Patch that allows purchase of weapons but Worms Aqua has different list of available, purchasable weapons.}
  • Some weapon items from Worms World Party added. Added weapons include Sheep Launcher, Mine Strike, Armageddon, Super Sheep that have been upgraded to Aqua Sheep{On top of Super Sheep abilities, it swims instead of bungeeing}, Sheep Strike to French Sheep Strike{On top of Sheep Airstrike, the sheep are burning that adds additional damage.}, and Nuclear Bomb to Nuclear Test. New weapons can be found here.
  • Absence of some of weapons from Worms 2(Online Worms). The original, Worms World Party, itself has added weapons, yet in return some weapons did not make appearance, such as Homing Shrapnel Bomb, Homing Strike, and Cloned sheep.
  • Majority of Online Worms' maps(22) did not make appearance, other 7 maps were released through remake, and 10 new maps were added. The number of maps compare 29:17; Online Worms has 1.7 times more maps. After Online Worms' 722 patch, map count of Online Worms decreased, resulting Worms Aqua in having twice as many maps.
  • Water levels became adjustable in two levels; this setting was for (Normal/Pro) Rope modes, and in Pro Rope mode, Worms do not sink but weapons like Bazooka and grenades sink. This factor forces you to perfectly aim the enemies below, as explosives will just sink instead of exploding at the slightest miss. The adjustment of water level is called "Water Drop" in English version.
  • Changes in Ranks.
  • Background music changed from MID to MP3 format.


  • 46~50: Jewel Necklace
  • 41~45: Dia(mond) Necklace
  • 36~40: Ruby Necklace
  • 31~35: Pearl Necklace
  • 26~30: Dia(mond) Ring
  • 21~25: Ruby Ring
  • 16~20: Pearl Ring
  • 11~15: Gold Ring
  • 6~10: Silver Ring
  • 1~5: Flower Ring


Other than Undersea and Rope Shopper modes, every other modes are similar to that of Online Worms. See here for preexisting modes.

  • Shooting: uses only grenades and bazookas for uncomplicated gameplay by eliminating myriad of different weapon types.
  • Standard: standard is standard
  • High Damage: Weapons with high firepower and infinite amounts of Aqua, you can feel satisfaction from all the explosion.
  • Shopper: While having no weapons, teleport around to collect items, and attack the opponents. The fun is in collecting the items.
  • Undersea: Maneuver and attack underwater, feel the cool water in the beautiful aquatic environment.

Naval mines appear, and you can use weapons exclusive for underwater battle, especially infinite waterpack item.

  • Rope: i don't want to translate these descriptions anymore
  • Rope Shopper: that's the mode we played in Armageddon?
  • All: use all items in Worms World Party Aqua.

Training Missions

There are levels from 1~5.

  • Bazooka
  • Baseball Bat
  • Grenade
  • Shotgun
  • Uzi
  • Aqua Sheep
  • Ninja Rope
  • Maneuver

Item Shop

Undersea Mode exclusive weapons

Only usable in Undersea mode {Spears act similar to shotguns, but shotguns are not usable in Undersea mode}. Harpoon types such as Longbows become surface types after landing on a surface, bubbles can be popped to attack opponents.

  • Waterpack: similiar to Jetpack, but waterpack allows the worms to become a bubble status.
  • Spears: launch a spear in a linear line. Max damage of 30.
  • Double Spear: it can be used in many different ways as it can be fired twice sequentially. Damage of 15 each.
  • Volley Spear: consecutively fire 5 spears. Direction can be changed during fire so multiple opponents can be targeted. Damage of 6 for each.
  • Super Spear: fires a spear that penetrates the opponent at contact. It explodes upon contact with a surface for added damage.

Item Shop Weapons

When purchased, the items can be used within rooms that allow those items. Only names are shown for those that appear in Worms Armageddon/World Party below.

  • Energy(30%): Recover 30% of your energy without using a turn.
  • Energy(70%): yeah
  • Shield: does not take damage only once.
  • Grenade double-shot: throws grenade twice, at same trajectory and power.
  • Bazooka double-shot: yeah
  • Hammer: acts similar to Axes.
  • Ghost: the worm used will not be visible to opponents for 2 turns.
  • X-Ray: makes the worms visible that are using Ghost.
  • Reverse Wind: reverses the direction of wind.
  • Call item: drops 2 weapon supplies at random locations.
  • Recall
  • Booty-trap zero: Weapon supplies for next 2 turn have 0% of becoming a booby trap upon opening.
  • See items
  • 2x Damage
  • Iron Muscle Pack
  • Teleport
  • Armageddon
  • Earthquake
  • Low gravity
  • Fast-walk
  • Select wall
  • Prison: user's worms become invincible by entrapping them in ice. This effect already existed in Armageddon; while it has a very low chance of occur, user's worms become invincible from all damage except from fall damage until the user's turn. The worms can be lifted upwards from explosion but do not move laterally, and there is no fall damage from explosion.
  • Special item: A random item from the Item shop is purchased.


17 in total. maps without numbers do not exist. Parentheses indicate playable modes.

  • 1 Jungle Story(Shooting, All): remade from Online Worms' Log Map.
  • 2 Jungle Adventure(Shooting, Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All): remade from Online Worms' Jungle Map.
  • 3 Cloud(Shooting, Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All)
  • 4 Batworm City(Shooting, Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All)
  • 5 Worms Chinese Restaurant(Shooting, Standard, All): remade from Ice Covered Island map from Online Worms. A typical bungee map like Valley map from Fortress 2, rankers play this map to keep their ranks. If you know a good trick, at least one worm can be bungeed each round.
  • 6 Ghost Island(Shooting, Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All): background music is from O2Jam's Festival of Ghosts, also serviced by MGame.
  • 7 Merry Christmas(Shooting, Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All)
  • 10 Island of Blue Dragon(Standard, High Damage, Shopper, All): remade from Online Worms' Island map.
  • 11 Boulder Island(Rope, Rope Shopper): identical to the remade Online Worms' Boulder Island map, but the background has changed blue.
  • 12 Toy Valley(Rope, Rope Shopper)
  • 13 Land of Lobsters (Undersea)
  • 14 Aqua Land (Undersea)
  • 15 Thom and Jwerry(Standard, High Damage, Shopper, Rope, Rope Shopper, All)
  • 16 Fish Tank Adventure (Underwater)
  • 17 Bat Cave(Standard, High Damage, Shopper, Rope, Rope Shopper, All): remade from Online Worms' Cave Entrance map.
  • 24 Fruit Land(Rope, Rope Shopper)
  • 25 Pirates of the Caribbean(Rope, Rope Shopper)
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